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How to Get Rid of Your Sweet Tooth

We like sugar and it is not our fault. But for some people it is hard to control the amount they consume. What usually happens is a person craves sugar so s/he eats something high ...
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A Guide to Using Food to Keep Your Blood Sugar Levels Under Control

If you are a diabetic, you most likely know the foods you should avoid. Simple carbohydrates or foods that quickly digest and get into the bloodstream can spike blood sugar levels through the roof. However, ...
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6 Simple Ways to Cut Down on the Amount of Sugar You Consume

You may be eating a lot more sugar than you think. Sure you expect pastries to taste sweet, but added sugar is hidden in foods that you wouldn’t think would have sugar, such as sauces, ...
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5 Foods to With Hidden Sugar to Look Out For

Recently, the World Health Organization reduced its recommendation by half as far as how much sugar we should be consuming – now 5% of our daily caloric intake. If you are on a 2,000 calorie ...
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4 Signs That You Need to Cut Down on the Amount of Sugar in Your Diet

Sweet! While normally a word expressing agreement, when it comes to sugar, it is a term that can cause life-threatening illnesses and diseases. Most people in America, Canada and the U.K.  consume too much sugar ...
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4 Foods That’ll Keep Your Blood Sugar Steady Throughout the Day

Foods that tend to raise your blood sugar level are those high in carbohydrates and have a Glycemic Index value over 70. However eating a variety of low GI foods will help keep your blood ...
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