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Understanding Different Types of Sugar

Not all sugar is created equal. Some are good for you while others are not only bad, but have been linked to some serious illnesses and diseases. To know why sugar is a big deal ...
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Tips for Baking on a Sugar-Free Diet

Now that fall is coming, many people will start baking again for the holidays. But this year you may want to replace real sugar you have used in your recipes in the past for one ...
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Why You Get An Energy Crash After Lunch

Do you ever get drowsy or tired after lunch? If so, you are not alone. The physical lack of energy you get after overeating is so common it has actually been given a scientific term ...
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Is Too Much Sugar In Your Diet Addictive?

The low-down on how hard it is to beat a sugar addiction can best be explained in one sentence. “No one can exert cognitive inhibition, willpower, over a biochemical drive that goes on every minute, ...
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Is the Sugar in Fruit Bad for Us?

Generally speaking, sugar in fruit is not bad for us. As a matter of fact, fruit contains a natural sugar – fructose – that is better for you if you are diabetic, with the exception ...
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How to Stick to a Reduced Sugar Diet When Eating Out

Eating out once in a while can be fun but when you are on a reduced sugar diet, it can be tricky. Fast foods are the worst. Unless you carefully read the nutritional labels, you’ll ...
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