Baby Bird Rescue with Rescue Remedy

You’ve probably heard of Rescue Remedy.  It’s a blend of flower essences that been used for about a hundred years.


It’s specially formulated to help people cope with a very stressful situation, or an emergency.  There have been some surprising studies done that show Rescue Remedy is powerful stuff.

But studies don’t really illustrate the real life impact of this sort of thing…


This afternoon, coming out of our home, we spotted a baby bird on the ground.  As we moved to try and care for it, the bird really freaked out.  And it’s a challenge, when you’re trying to help an animal in distress, but the poor little thing is so scared, and BITING….

closeup of baby bird

I had one of the kids run and get a small cup of water, a dropper, and some Rescue Remedy.

Rescue Remedy is often used on animals.

The difference in the baby birds demeanor was instant and dramatic.   At the first drop, the baby bird calmed down completely.

Perla with bird

He had a snack, and settled in for a nap in a cozy box.

As we were leaving the house, we noticed two birds chattering right outside the door.  It seems that Mama and Father bird were looking for their lost child.

We brought the bird back out and left him on the ground.  After about 40 minutes, the Mama Bird came over, brought him a bug to eat, and they all flew off.

A happy ending to the lost baby bird story, and helped significantly with the use of the Rescue Remedy.

Always keep some on hand, you never know when a living creature may fall in your path and need a little help.

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