Best Exercises For Back Pain

Best Exercises For Back Pain

Back pain plagues thousands of people, whether from injury, fatigue, work, or from a chronic condition, such as, arthritis.

While some may think that movement is not good for pain, it actually is. The back muscles need to be exercised and stretched, to increase mobility, improve flexibility, and build strength that can prevent further pain and lessen the risk of injury.

If you have severe pain or an on-going condition, it is imperative that you consult your physician before starting an exercise program.

In addition, when the injury or condition is severe it is a good idea to consult with a professional, such as, a physical therapist or even a personal fitness trainer to understand which exercises will benefit you most and how to do them correctly. The last thing that you want to do is make the condition worse.

Best Exercises For Back Pain
While there are many workouts to choose from, those for back pain are very specific, and it is not recommended to do anything too strenuous, but, instead focus on stretching, and low impact varieties of workouts.
The best exercises for back pain are those that stretch the muscles of the back gently. Exercise that provide gently but consistent resistance will also be helpful.
Limber up and do stretching exercises. This will not only make the muscles more agile and flexible, this will also help you avoid further injury.
Work The Core
Exercise that strengthens abdominal and back muscles will help relieve back pain as well.
Wall Push Ups
Pushing against a wall will lengthen and stretch the calves, the hamstring, and the muscles around the hips and waist.
Planking also helps. This is better than push-ups or curl-ups as it will not put pressure on the neck or the lower back muscles:
How To
1. Lie on your belly on a mat on the floor.
2. Rest your forearms on the floor, keeping your elbows tucked in close to your body and your fists near your chest.
3. Lift yourself by your forearms and by your toes.
4. As you do this exercise consistently, you will increase the strength of your belly and back muscles. You will be able to hold the position for a minute.
Yoga is also a good exercise. For one, the postures of yoga are gentle and almost dance-like. The postures stretch muscles gently. An added bonus is the controlled breathing and the meditation, which are both a part of yoga. These help ease tension and stress, thereby relieving much of the source of back pain. The meditation also helps decrease the perception of pain.
Walking is a good weight-bearing exercise that will help ease back pain. Walking stretches the leg muscles and strengthens the back muscles. It also strengthens the core muscles because we bear our own body weight when we walk.
Swimming is a good exercise for back pain. The water, especially if it is heated, will relieve muscular pain and help muscles become more flexible. The water also provides resistance, thereby exercising almost all the muscles of the body.
Climbing the stairs instead of taking the elevator helps improve the posture just as standing up from a sitting position on a chair. These movements stretch the muscles of the back while keeping the back straight.
Riding a bicycle is also good exercise to strengthen the back muscles. For one, when we ride a bike, we keep our balance. It is difficult to keep one’s balance and not keep good posture. At the same time, it raises the heart rate and improves blood circulation.
You can ride a bike outside, or use an exercise bike, many models are available that easily fit into bedrooms and living rooms.
Final Thoughts
There are very many activities and exercises that will help ease back pain. However, before a person who is suffering from back pain engages in any of these exercises, it is best for them to consult with a doctor to see if these kinds of exercises are activities they can safely engage in.

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