Breaking Bad Holiday Habits to Stick to Your Low Carb Lifestyle

Breaking Bad Holiday Habits to Stick to Your Low Carb Lifestyle

If you are like most people, you’ve probably tried to watch your weight during the holidays at some point in your life in an effort to avoid packing on the pounds. However, there are a few holiday habits that may seem healthy but are actually bad for you. Here are a four seemingly healthy but actually bad habits to break in order to stick to your low carb lifestyle.

1. Skipping meals, especially to save up so you can splurge later at a holiday event.
Skipping meals can lead to uncontrollable food cravings, making you more vulnerable to any easy foods you can grab even if they are not low carb. Be sure to eat three meals and day with low carb snacks. .Each meal can be smaller than usual, with fewer carbs and more protein. Eat before you go to the gathering so you will also be less vulnerable to making bad choices. Bring a low carb dish or two to be certain you will have something to eat and can share with others.

2. Eating fast so you can get away from the food as soon as possible.
Eating fast presents a number of problems. The first is if you are very hungry, you are more likely to overeat. The second issue has to do with what is termed the point of satiety. Studies have shown that it takes about 20 minutes for your brain to register that your stomach is full.

The more slowly you eat, the more likely you are to eat less because you will feel full and not be tempted to keep on eating. Focusing on protein can also help you feel full faster; this is the cornerstone of an effective low carb diet.

3. Avoiding nuts because they are high in fat.
If you are not allergic to nuts, you should consider them to be an essential part of your low carb lifestyle. They are high in fat and fiber to help you feel full. Research has also shown that people who ate 1 ounce of nuts about 30 minutes before their main meal tended to eat a lot less and were generally more successful at losing weight.

Nuts are full of healthy fats, plus vitamins and minerals. Walnuts can also help lower cholesterol naturally. Eat raw nuts rather than salted in order to avoid weight gain from water retention.

4. Eating less in order to give yourself an allowance for alcoholic drinks.
Alcohol has no nutritional value at all. It can also trigger food cravings, such as ‘the munchies’. Some drinks are also high in carbs and calories too. Worst of all, if you drink on an empty stomach, the alcohol enters your bloodstream more quickly, which will cause you to feel the effects sooner. This has the potential to make you act less inhibited in terms of behavior and food.

The last thing you want to do are make a fool of yourself in front of your work colleagues, family or friends. You also don’t want to ruin your low carb lifestyle for the sake of one silly party. Don’t skip meals and eat before you go. If you do wish to have a drink, drink 1 glass of water first, the alcoholic drink, and then a second glass of water. This will keep your mouth busy, fill you up, and therefore make you much less likely to overindulge on food or alcohol at the party.

Avoid these bad habits and see what a difference it can make to keeping you in control of your low carb lifestyle.

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