Can you treat ADD/ADHD without drugs?

I don’t agree that there is a “Magic Pill”, for ADD/ADHD. Attention deficit Disorder, and Attention Deficient/ hyperactivity Disorder.Wiki definition:Society expects children AND adults to behave a certain way. When this doesn’t happen, instantly the person is diagnosed with ADD/ADHD. Then there is a push to MEDICATE into compliance. In this article, we can talk about alternatives to doping up your kids, and maybe yourself. is serious. The label can affect an entire educational process, and interfere with a career.

ADD/ADHD. is a very broad, and subjective diagnosis. And it’s easy for educators to apply the label on any kid that can’t sit quietly in a chair for 6 hours. The truth is that some adults can’t sit quietly in a chair for 6 hours.

Let’s look at the three main components of ADD/ADHD.:

1: Difficulty in learning.

2: Poor impulse control.

3: Over abundance of energy.


We have several perfectly SAFE, and effective formulas that help children cope, and adapt regardless of the ADD/ADHD label.

Let’s begin by understanding that LEARNING cannot happen if the child is stressed. An ADD/ADHD diagnosis on it’s own brings a stress, negative expectation. Problem solving is hampered by 40% by just having an annoying noise nearby. If the child is at all stressed, or insecure about their abilities, they cannot retain the material as presented.

Here’s an ADD/ADHD case study:

A client brought her son “J”, into our offices for help. J was 5 years old, and was in trouble at school. He was completely behind in all his work. He had little impulse control, and had just stabbed another student in the neck with a pencil. The school was doing the paperwork to have the boy expelled. In our offices, he was restless. We provided him with BM 17. We’ve found this formula to be especially effective in tension/depression issues. The remedy relieved the anxiety and restlessness the boy was feeling. The family also enrolled the boy in a strenuous Karate program to help him use up some of that relentless energy. His diet was changed to minimize sugar, white flour and chemical additives. Within a few weeks of our appointment, the parents were again called into the principals office. J had transformed himself completely, the administration were amazed at his progress. In fact, at the end of the school year, J was given the “Most Improved” student award.
Also note that Homeopathic Remedies do NOT react to Pharmacutical products, and can be used at the same time with no interactions.
For the best results, you need to look at the whole picture. Our remedies will help considerably. These are the products that we most recommend for ADD/ADHD and Learning disability clients:


Tension Relief drops

This is our only HERBAL formula. This is especially effective in getting the child through a big transition, or crisis. It addresses anxiety, fear, and nervousness. You can BUY by clicking HERE.


BM No. 24 drops

This is Homeopathic preparation that is specific to memory. It supports the process of learning, and helps the child retain what they learn. Click HERE to buy!.

BM No. 17 drops

This is our most common ADD/ADHD recommendation. It addresses nervous tension. Often in this recommendation, we see a a frustration that is expressed as angry outbursts. If there is defensiveness and refusal to participate. Many ADD/ADHD cases have a poor foundation of self-esteem. Click HERE to BUY!


BM No. 118 drops

This is used in cases where the child is SAD. There is little joy, no excitement. The child tends to just fade away from other people. No motivation for school, or learning. CLick HERE to buy!.

Five Phos 6x

This is a mineral combination that provides support for the Brain, and nervous systems. People assume that minerals are just used in the body for bones. That’s not true. All the nerves are wires, and this combination restores that balance within all the cells. This product is highly recommended for any/all cases where there are mental/emotional issues. Click HERE to BUY.


The important thing to remember is that you don’t have to pick just one treatment. In fact, the best way to treat ADD/ADHD is to combine several different methods to get the best possible result. You have the power to figure out what works for you or your child and implement the appropriate treatments. Finding relief for the symptoms of ADD/ADHD is in your hands.

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