Doloex (30 Tablets) Natural Pain Relief

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Effective for Migraines, Headaches, Back Pain, Toothaches,
Muscle Spasms & Menstrual Pain. 
Be ready when pain strikes, strike back with Doloex!


Does your teenage daughter have terrible migraines? Are your menstrual cramps unbearable and make your life difficult? Are you looking to get rid of stress headaches?  Many products that relieve suffering can make you feel tired and tear up your stomach.  Wouldn’t it be great to have a safe, effective and natural solution on hand that is gentle on your body but tough on your pain?

GET PAIN FREE & WORRY FREE RELIEF without any side effects. Our all natural pain reliever is non drowsy and doesn't upset your stomach.

EFFECTIVE & VERSATILE  this proven herbal and homeopathic formula treats headaches, sore muscles, toothaches and more...

The Problem with Pain Relievers  Conventional remedies can damage your kidneys and cause nausea, constipation and some are even addictive. 

The solution, let Doloex deal with your pain
  This highly potent formula is effective for occasional discomfort and won’t cause additional health problems when used long term for chronic conditions. 

How Does it work?  Non-GMO plants provide pure ingredients that we combine with naturally occurring minerals to create a superior quality all natural treatment. This powerful combination of proven herbal and homeopathic ingredients creates a product that can be successfully used to treat a wide variety of problems.
These easy to swallow tablets are made in a FDA registered facility which insures you receive a premium quality product that delivers the best possible results. These formulas have proven to be safe and effective for over 50 years, with millions of remedies sold.

Adults 2 tablets with water; if you weigh less than 100 lbs 1 tablet

Fumaria ParviflouraD1, Filipendula Ulm, ChirataD2, CaffineD4, ElateriumD3, Magnesia PhosD2, Calcium PhosD2
                                110% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE
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