Do we sell Magic Potion?

I’m in the natural health field and I understand that people want magic pills and answers.

Real life doesn’t work that way. We’re looking for incremental improvement. A remedy will take you 10%, and then something else will get you another 10%, etc. And you chip away at it.

The MOST important thing is that YOU take personal responsibility for it. A pill, or a herb, or an acupuncture treatment is NOT going to overcome a bad diet, inactivity and most of all, a negative attitude.

This isn’t bad news. It really isn’t

Recognizing and dealing with your emotional issues, and making small changes to your life will add up to a HUGE difference in your experience and enjoyment of life.

We’re taught that the “Doctor” will cure you. He can’t. I’m sure they want to. But it’s on you.

You have way MORE power and control over your life than you realize.

I think that’s the biggest surprise to people in Homeopathic, or natural care.

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