Easy Eating at the Holidays on a Low Carb Lifestyle

Easy Eating at the Holidays on a Low Carb Lifestyle

One common piece of wisdom regarding losing weight and eating healthfully is to shop the perimeters of the grocery store, where the fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy are located. As soon as you start exploring the other aisles, you are in danger of moving away from your low carb lifestyle. Cake, cookies and candy that seem an essential part of any holiday celebration will all be lurking in those aisles. Even worse, they will often appear all over your office, school and holiday parties.

Even easier, stick to nature by not smothering your vegetables in sugar and starchy sauces. Don’t smother your turkey in floury gravy or pack it full of high carb bread stuffing.

There is no need to stick to tradition slavishly. Branch out to find other dishes that are festive enough to serve at your holiday table. If you or your family can’t live without stuffing and cranberry sauce, find low carb recipes.

Protein is the cornerstone of the low carb lifestyle. The turkey, ham, chicken and roast beef that often feature as the main course at the holiday table should be the focus of your attention, not the side dishes and desserts. But that doesn’t mean you have to do without. There are many low carb side dishes and desserts you can explore that will be tasty and festive enough for any holiday gathering.

The secret to any good holiday meal is planning ahead. Organize your low carb recipes and start planning each of the holiday meals you will be hosting in your home. Make 1 or 2 of the recipes low carb, or create an entire low carb meal from soup to nuts. If you are hosting a buffet, create a range of simple but tasty low carb appetizers and finger foods and a low carb dessert assortment and watch your guests devour everything.

Another important aspect that will help you survive the holidays without gaining a low of weight or giving up on your low carb lifestyle is to plan ahead as to what you will do with your leftovers. Don’t just shove all your leftovers in the fridge and then try to eat them all up so nothing goes to waste. Instead, divide them up into plastic containers to create your own range of low carb TV-style dinners. Eat them whenever you have no time to cook, or take them with you anywhere for a quick and easy low carb meal.

Make this the holiday season you finally stick to your diet and lose the weight you’ve been longing to.

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