Fast and easy pain relief.

Do you get tension headaches? Sore muscles? Everybody does. The usual response is to reach for some Tylenol, or Advil, or other over the counter medications. And they usually help. The problem with these medications is that continued use is TOXIC to your internal organs.
Why take any pills at all?

Isn’t the point of Alternative and Complementary health products to provide HEALTHY and SAFE alternatives to harsh drugs?
That’s why we’ve developed the Curative Arnica Oil.
Here’s the DRUG-FREE answer to your stiff and sore neck. To your sore muscles. To heal and relive your bruised and battered body when your dog knocks you off your bike. (This happened to me!) Curative Arnica oil will help to heal your body, but your pride will still be bruised. 🙂
Arnica Montana is a lovely mountain flower that’s been used for centuries to heal bruises, injuries and soreness. Instead of a PILL, or something you take internally, we’ve formulated it into a topical oil. You rub it directly onto the parts that hurt.
If you’ve been CHAINED to your computer all day, and you feel stiff, achy and sore. A few drops of this ARNICA OIL into your hand, and simply rub your neck for a moment.
We’ve also included other botanical ingredients for a soothing, and healing effect on the skin. Can also be used on the scalp to help with dandruff, eczema, and very dry skin.
The Arnica Oil comes in a 4oz sealable bottle. A little does a lot, and you don’t need to pour it on.
You can use it safely on yourself, your children, even if you have a pet that’s feeling some pain.
This is such an amazing natural remedy for pain, headaches and soreness. I believe 100% that you will use this and be incredibly impressed.
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Bestmade Natural productsPS: Two more things:
#1 Free shipping. We’ll pay to get it to you. NO surprise costs.
#2 100% no-hassle, no attitude, no problem guarantee. If you buy it, and you don’t like it for any reason, we’ll send you back your money.

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