Filling Low Carb Holiday Soups and Salads

Filling Low Carb Holiday Soups and Salads

Most of us love to eat out at restaurants because of the range of courses and dishes that we get to enjoy during the meal. The soup, salad, and breadsticks, for example, offer us a range of tasty treats while we wait for the main course to arrive. Soup and/or salad are therefore ideal appetizers if you are cooking a low carb holiday meal at home, once you learn how to make low carb versions of your favorites from scratch.

Homemade soup will never taste quite like the kind from a can- Actually, it can taste even better without all the carbs and salt. Many soups use flour and other starchy carbs as a thickener. By making homemade soup yourself, you are in control. Onion soup, Manhattan-style clam chowder, vegetable soup and more can all be made using inexpensive ingredients.

Broccoli is a filling ingredient that helps regulate blood sugar. Use as is, or process in a blender or food processor until smooth to create a base for your soup so your children will not try to pick it out. Add yogurt or cream and some cheese for a delicious cream of broccoli soup that will be filling even though low in carbs.

Creating your own soups is also quite economical because it can help you use up leftovers in a whole new way. At the holidays, make the most of your turkey or turkey breast by boiling the carcass once you have removed most of the meat from the bones. Boiling the bones will give you turkey stock and remove the rest of the flesh from the carcass. Add cooked turkey breast, vegetables, and a low carb grain like wild rice for a quick low carb soup you can enjoy any time you need a winter warmer.

Turkey breast can also be used in your holiday salads. A turkey Caesar salad with your own homemade dressing is low in carbs and high in taste. Turkey breast can also be used as the protein in a cranberry and spinach salad, which tastes great and looks festive. Goat cheese will also work well with this salad.
Cole slaw is tasty and filling, and can be used as a side dish with a range of meals. You can also make it with broccoli or red cabbage for an interesting variation. Thai-style salads are tasty, filling and pretty. Cucumber salads are colorful and festive, as are tomato salads. Layer thin slices of fresh tomato with thin slices of fresh mozzarella cheese. Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with a dash of oregano for an easy and attractive appetizer.

Have any particular holiday favorites? Look up low carb versions so you can enjoy filling soups or salads at all your holiday meals.

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