Getting Support for Your Low Carb Lifestyle at the Holidays

Getting Support for Your Low Carb Lifestyle at the Holidays

Going low carb can be tough when you are first starting out. It can be even worse at the holidays. You will often find yourself wishing that you could ‘eat like a normal person’ due to all the goodies that surround you at the holidays, many of which are high in carbs.

In addition to the high carb cakes, cookies, candies and pies that seem to be everywhere we turn, the emphasis on alcohol at the holidays can also result in a higher carb consumption than we are supposed to be indulging in. Alcohol such as spirits and mixed drinks can often be high in sugar. Alcohol can also trigger a lack of inhibitions, which could result in bad food choice or even uncontrollable cravings.

Fortunately, you don’t have to go it alone. There are many free resources online that can support your low carb lifestyle. These include:

•low carb diet support sites;
•carb counting worksheets;
•nutrition databases for you to look up carb values for your favorite ingredients;
•low carb recipes for the holidays,
•low carb cooking videos;
•low carb blogs;
•prepackaged low carb foods;
•discussion groups and forums,
•low carb groups on social media sites;

and more.

Your first stop should be the websites of the most common low carb diet support sites, such as Atkins and South Beach. Once you learn the essentials, such as the number of carbs you are allowed to eat per day, it will be time to start planning menus, looking up recipes, and calculating carb counts. Use the free worksheets online as shortcuts o you can make smarter choices at home and when you are eating out.

As the holidays near, start looking up low carb versions of your family’s favorites and other seasonal foods many people expect to eat as part of holiday tradition. Look up low carb videos on YouTube and start following low carb blogs with recipes from real people who have been living a low carb lifestyle for some time.

When you are starting out with a low carb diet you might feel as though all you are doing is counting all the time. Following the free recipes online can help as long as you check the serving size on each recipe. Prepackaged low carb items from the Atkins and South Beach range of foods will give you a few shortcuts to keep you on track without having to cook all the time. Their snack bars and candies are also very handy so you can have a sweet treat any time you like.

In terms of personal support, discussion groups, forums and low carb groups on social media sites like Facebook can also offer you the kind of emotional as well as informational support to keep you going with your low carb lifestyle even when things start to get tough. Look up” low carb diet support group” at your favorite search engine to discover a range of forums and discussion boards you can join to get encouragement, support, holiday recipe ideas and more. Use all the free resources available online in reference to the low carb lifestyle and you will soon be eating low carb at the holidays like a pro.

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