Is It Possible to Stick to a Low Carb Diet Even During the Holidays?

Is It Possible to Stick to a Low Carb Diet Even During the Holidays?

As the holidays near, you may start to panic at the thought of missing out on all the seasonal treats which have become a part of your traditional holiday celebrations. You might even be considering giving up trying to eat low carb at the holidays because you think it is impossible.

American culture seems to be centered on food at the best of times. At the holidays, it seems to get taken to a whole new level. We take the best that nature has to offer and drown it in butter, cream and sugar. Many of our favorites are high in carbs, from stuffing to sweet potatoes.

Worst of all is dessert, with sugary cakes, candy, cookies and pies seeming an essential part of the celebration. Pumpkin pie, mince pie, eggnog, chocolate, fruit cake and more have become traditions in many families, to the point where you can’t even imagine a celebration without them.

The good news is that with a little research and planning, you can create low carb ‘makeover’ versions of your favorite recipes. You can also explore all new recipes to find some new favorites that will encourage you to keep going with your low carb lifestyle.

If you are worried about all the extra work involved, don’t be. You can master 1 or 2 dishes you can eat or bring with you anywhere as a contribution and to make sure that you always have something low carb to eat no matter what festive functions you attend. Or, you can create an entire low carb meal from soup to nuts, as the phrase goes, that will be so tasty your family and guests will never know are low carb,

Going low carb at the holidays may seem like the worst time start a new diet. Continuing on with it might seem too restrictive, making you feel as though you are missing out. The alternative for many people, however, is to say overweight, and even worse, to gain weight at the holidays. Studies have shown that the average weight gain at the holidays is 5 pounds. Just think of what you have to go through in order to lose that weight.

Low carb is also ideal at the holidays because it will make you more mindful of exactly how many carbs you are actually consuming. Keeping a food diary and carb counts even if you do not wish to be completely strict with your Induction or Balancing Phase will still be a valuable exercise. Use what you learn to find ways to cut the carbs in your favorite holiday dishes so you can continue to low weight on your low carb diet and keep it off long-term.

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