Is There a Downside to Living Gluten Free?

Many individuals are changing over to a gluten free diet in order to live a healthier lifestyle. But is living gluten free as healthy as they say or are there areas which you should be concerned about?

Switching to a gluten free diet will have you eating more fresh fruits and vegetables. This is of course a great thing. The one area of gluten free living which can be a concern is that of getting enough iron and minerals into your diet.

Traditional products like breads and pastas have been fortified with irons and minerals, especially the B and D vitamins along with zinc. This has prevented the population from suffering from vitamin deficiencies.

Because those eating gluten free avoid these products they are more susceptible to suddenly developing these deficiencies.  Quite often new gluten free eaters find themselves with low iron levels. So it is important to look at your total diet and ensure that you are not leaving any essential vitamins or minerals out. It may be a good idea to take a high quality vitamin supplement.

Going out to eat at a restaurant can be a tricky situation. This is very true if you are extremely sensitive to gluten and cannot even eat small amounts of foods containing gluten. You will need to be careful about cross contamination in the kitchen of the restaurant. Inadvertently the cook can use a utensil in a flour mixture and transfer gluten to your dinner.

Making wise choices at the restaurant will be important and knowing what you can and cannot eat from the menu will help make your decision easier. Try to stay with fresh produce and it wouldn’t hurt to mention your intolerance to your server. If you frequent the restaurant often enough they will get to know your food concerns.

At one time, it was harder for people to change over to a gluten free way of living. However, today the trend for gluten free living is on the increase. This has led to manufacturers creating more gluten free products.

It is now possible to find items such as bread, cookie and cake mixes which are gluten free. Other items include gluten free waffles and crackers. Instead of having to visit your local health food store, traditional grocery stores are now carrying gluten free foods along with a huge choice of organic products.

If you are new to the gluten free lifestyle then make sure that you are eating a good assortment of foods so you don’t develop a vitamin deficiency. If you are worried about this use the best supplement you can afford.