Juice Recipes With Raw Honey

If you have been juicing, then you may already have your juicing routine down. In fact, most people who juice stick to one or two recipes that work well for them. If this sounds like you, but your juicing is starting to get a bit old and you want to boost it, then you may be wondering the best way to make a change that helps but isn’t dramatic. One way you can do this is to add raw honey to your juicing. Here are a few recipes that you can try and see how they work for you.

Energy Boosting Juice with Raw Honey

Raw honey is known as a natural energy boosting agent. This is even better if you mix it with other energy boosting superfoods in a morning juice. This juice can be made easily with cucumbers, apple, and raw honey. Simply juice down the apple and cucumber like you would normally do. Strain the juice if necessary and add raw honey. This gives you a hydration boost with the cucumbers being over 90 percent water. It also gives you the energy from the honey and the vitamins and minerals from the apples. It is easy, and easy to find all of the ingredients year round. You can even grow cucumbers indoors if you want.

Digestive Boosting Juice with Raw Honey

Orange, aloe vera, and spinach can make a powerful digestive juice. It can help flush your system and keep it regular. It can also get you back to a regular digestive tract depending on your needs. The problem with this juice is that some people can taste too much of the spinach or feel like the aloe vera makes the drink to dilute. If this is the case, you can add raw honey to the juice. It will offer more digestive boosters and help flavor the drink to cover the spinach or the dilution that you may taste on the first try.

Immune Boosting Juice with Raw Honey

Immune boosting juices are popular during cold and flu season or when you start or change your diet routine. For that reason, most people want the most potent immune boosting juice they can find. One of the easiest juices is carrot, apple, and orange. All three of these have immune boosting properties, but adding raw honey to the mix can give it even more. You can find all of the ingredients year round and all are fairly inexpensive.

These three juice recipes are based on very common and easy to make juices. Regardless of where you are located, you should be able to find these ingredients year round and adjust the recipes accordingly to your tastes.