Latest Developments on Gluten Free Products

As gluten affects more and more people, news about the benefits of eating gluten free is spreading. Just a quick visit to your local grocery store will show you that more gluten free products are being stocked. Things like frozen gluten free waffles, pizza dough, cake and bread mixes. Even companies like Betty Crocker are getting into the gluten free arena.

In Europe, for instance, gluten free products are quickly gaining in popularity. These products are so popular that the government is creating country wide symbols to identify these products making it easier for consumers to trust them. All of Europe will have a universal symbol.

At the 2011 Allergy and Gluten Free Show, consumers were asked if they found symbols helpful in locating and identifying gluten and allergy free products. The response was an overwhelming yes.

Sales of gluten and wheat free products are rising by 15% each year with sales totalling in the millions. More information can be found at this link.

Smart manufacturers are taking advantage of this gluten free trend. Penford Food Ingredients has made changes to their line of starches. This includes modified starches which can be frozen and thawed and starches that will have a longer shelf life.

Developing starches that have a cold storage ability is more cost effective.  Plus these newer starches can be used in a variety of ways. They are great for soups, stews, gravies and sauces.

Starch is a wonderful binder and this is an important factor when cooking gluten free foods. You still need the ability to bind the foods together, something which gluten does naturally.

When the holiday season approaches it can be difficult to know what to buy a person living a gluten free lifestyle. This year it will become easier with the availability of gluten free holiday gift baskets.

You can always create your own gift basket by using foods such as coffee, beans and flours such as almond, white and brown rice and quinoa. Don’t forget to add a good selection of nuts and remember that wine doesn’t contain gluten. If you are looking for beer for a gluten free person then select one of the gluten free types that are now available. They are actually very good!

Kosher food manufacturers are also jumping on the gluten free band wagon. Instead of just producing Jewish foods they are now adding gluten free products to their line. It is estimated that 55% of Kosher buyers are buying this type of food for health reasons versus religious reasons, so it makes sense to expand their products.

The Kosher market in the U.S is already a $12.5 million industry. With the current expansion rate of 15% per year for gluten free foods, this could potentially be a huge financial boost for Kosher companies.

Kosher foods will now contain fewer calories, be healthier and have plenty of gluten free alternatives included in them.