Low Carb Cooking at the Holidays – Flourless Baking

Low Carb Cooking at the Holidays – Flourless Baking

Low carb eating can go hand in hand with a gluten-free diet due to the fact that most low carb desserts will not usually contain wheat flour because it is so high in carbs. Flourless low carb baking may seem almost impossible, to difficult to learn. You might also be reluctant to try it because you think the results will not be that good, so you will be wasting time and money.

Fortunately, there are many delicious dessert that do not use wheat flour and are tasty and satisfying for even the sweetest tooth. With a little research and practice, you can soon find and begin cooking a range of holiday recipes that are low in carbs, flourless and gluten free.

The most obvious wheat-free dessert option which most people love is meringues, which are made from egg whites. They can be shaped into cookies, nests and more, to serve on their own or as a base for other ingredients such as fruit. Instead of white sugar, you can use stevia. You can also add a couple of drops of food coloring to some or all of your batch to make your finished product look more festive. However, some people are allergic to eggs, so meringues are not for everyone.

Soy flour is low in carbs but high in protein. However, it can have a grainy aspect to it and some people might not like the taste, or are allergic to soy. Nut flours and nut meals such as almond flour and almond meal are popular with low carb bakers, but again, they can have a gritty texture and people with allergies will have to steer clear.

A third increasingly popular option is coconut flour. Coconut might be too overwhelming a taste for some recipes and it is high in saturated fat. The good news is there are deodorized and defatted coconut flours available as well as coconut oil, which tends to harden at all but the hottest temperatures, making it another handy ingredient for flourless baking. The main issue with coconut flour is that it tends to repel liquids, so you need to mix everything really well when preparing your batter.

Cakes, cookies and candies seem like an essential part of the holidays, but studies have shown that if food is easily in reach, people are much less likely to restrain themselves. When baking and storing, practice portion control by slicing up cakes into a particular number of slices, freezing in a baggie, and placing all the slices in a large zippered food storage bag. Divide up the cookies as well into serving sizes that are suitable for whatever low carb phase you are on during the holidays, such as Phase 1: Induction and Phase 2: Balancing. Write the carb counts on the outside of each zippered food bag. In this way you will not have to deny yourself a treat or struggle to calculate carbs.

Flourless baking can be fun, tasty, and low carb if you use natural sweeteners. Research a range of recipes and makeovers of your favorites to please the entire family at the holidays.

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