Low Carb Family Favorites for the Holidays

Low Carb Family Favorites for the Holidays

If you are dreading the idea of hosting holiday meals at your house because your family is so set in their ways when it comes to their traditional holiday favorites, you have two choices. Either shock them out of their stubbornness with all new taste treats, or find low carb versions of all their favorites.

On your low carb lifestyle, you will be focusing on high protein and high fiber foods in order to help you feel full for longer. Vegetables of almost every kind except the very starchy ones like potatoes are permitted on the Atkins diet, so create exciting and colorful vegetable platters and side dishes that will impress your guests.

For cold veggies, make your own low carb dips, such as cheese, spinach and artichoke, or even baked crabmeat. Don’t ignore the classic antipasto tray. Olives, salami, cheese, pickles, and artichoke hearts artfully arranged, can be all the appetizers you need.

For warm vegetables, create low carb versions of everyone’s favorite side dishes, from mock mashed potatoes made with cauliflower and cheese to sweet potato casserole made with pumpkin to creamy green beans and even stuffing without all the carbs.

The main course will usually be low in carbs if you keep the food simple. Turkey, chicken, ham, roast beef and pork loin are all good choices that are high in protein, low in carbs, and have enough flavor not to need any fancy sauces or floury gravy. Most families love a roasted turkey at Thanksgiving or Christmas. Make it the center of interest with a little low carb vegetable stuffing and some low carb cranberry sauce on the side and a good dessert and most people will never even miss all the sides.

Yes, we did say dessert. It can be eaten on every Phase of Atkins except Phase 1: Induction. Induction does not permit fruit or dessert, but they can be added back when you move to Phase 2: Balancing. Choose fruit-based desserts like apple or berry crumble or fresh fruits like raspberries or strawberries, which are low in carb but full of taste and festive color.

Create low carb makeovers of your family’s favorite cakes and cookies or broaden your horizons with a range of low carb desserts such as crème brûlée and flourless cakes. With so many people going gluten-free, flourless low carb recipes such as meringues and cheesecake are perfect for both eating lifestyles.

You know your own family traditions and tastes best. Use this knowledge when planning your low carb dishes, or even an entire low carb menu, and watch the food vanish off the plates.

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