Low Carb Holiday Appetizers – Tasty Low Carb Treats Everyone Will Love

Low Carb Holiday Appetizers – Tasty Low Carb Treats Everyone Will Love

One of the tastiest things about holiday and party menus is usually the appetizers and fun finger foods. The set the tone of the meal and create a festive air. They can also be attractive and tasty additions to any holiday buffet table.

Planning a low carb menu from soup to nuts can be tricky, but the good news is that there are many appetizers naturally low in carbs. First, think of your permitted low carb snacks when you are following Atkins or other low carb eating plans and you will soon come up with a range of recipes everyone will enjoy.

Nuts, for those who are not allergic, are full of protein, fiber, vitamins and healthy fats, all of which help you feel full on a low carb diet. Best of all, they taste great. Serve as is, or roast with your own combination of spices, sweet like cinnamon and stevia or savory like hickory smoked salt.
Cheese is another staple low carb snack that works well in a range of ways, from a simple cheese and raw vegetable platter or cheese and low carb fruit platter, to mini skewers with chunks of cheese like mozzarella, grape tomatoes and diced green pepper, for a taste and festive looking treat.

You can also create your own cheese balls with nuts, herbs and spices. For those who might not tolerate dairy very well, try goat cheese rolled in aromatic herbs and served on cut cucumber rounds or stuffed into celery stalks.

Hardboiled eggs are another staple snack while living the low carb lifestyle. They can be served shelled but whole with some celery salt for dipping or deviled by cutting in half and creaming the yolks together with some mayonnaise and then returning the yolk mixture to the egg halves. You can also make egg salad to use as a dip, a topping for cucumber rounds, or stuffing for celery stalks.

You can also whip up some eggs, shredded cheese, spinach or ham, milk, and almond meal or soy flour plus a generous dash each of baking powder and black pepper for your own crustless quiche you can serve hot or cold.

If you can afford it, shrimp can be a very handy finger food. Serve cold with your own tangy homemade cocktail sauce. Or, serve warm with either a piece of bacon wrapped around it and grilled for about 5 minutes, or marinade with your choice of seasonings and a dash of olive oil and broil or pan fry.

Roll together thinly sliced cold cuts and cheese and low carb wraps for festive pinwheel sandwiches. Add olives, pickles, plus fresh and/or pickled vegetables to the platter for a fun and festive presentation.

Low carb appetizers are easy once you focus on the protein and less on the high carb chips and dips. Look up low carb recipes for all your favorites and see how delicious the low carb lifestyle can be even at the holidays.

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