Low Carb Weight Loss Even During the Holidays

Low Carb Weight Loss Even During the Holidays

If you have been following a low carb lifestyle for some time and have seen the pounds come off, the last thing you want to do is start gaining it all back during the holidays, or even worse, packing on still more pounds.

A low carb diet has been proven to help people lose weight safely and effectively provided they follow the guidelines of low carb eating such as the Atkins and South Beach plans. Since so many people tend to gain weight at the holidays, dieting during them is not such a crazy idea. If you have ever managed to stick to a New Year’s resolution, congratulation. You are the exception rather than the rule. Most people gain weight in the last 3 months of the year and struggle for months to try to lose it.

If you are worried about the holidays coming up and all the temptations that will surround you, then it is time to get organized so you can stick to your guns and not give in to the seasonal treats you will keep coming across at school, the office, and holiday parties and festive gatherings.

Most of the foods that we take for granted as an essential part of the holidays are often loaded with carbohydrates. Cakes, cookies, candy, pies, and sugary side dishes like sweet potato casserole smothered in brown sugar and marshmallows appear year after year. No festive gathering seems complete without them.

A low carb lifestyle can help you shift your priorities from fancy foods to family. Instead of worrying so much about the meals you will be having at the holidays, plan a range of activities that get you up and moving and spending quality time together, not just sitting around eating.

When you do plan your holiday menu, try low carb versions of your family’s favorites. This will help you both on the day itself and for several days or even weeks to come. One Thanksgiving meal, for example, does not have to turn into a 4-day orgy of eating as everyone tries to make the most of the leftovers. Master make and freeze meals by dividing up the leftovers into a range of low carb TV dinners that you can eat any time you need a low carb meal but don’t have time to cook.

The entire month of December can turn into weeks of overindulgence if you do not plan your recipes and menus ahead of time.

The low carb lifestyle can be tough, but it can be even harder if you gain back weight due to the holidays. Don’t undo all of your hard work. Stick to your low carb lifestyle even at the holidays with the help of festive low carb recipes and see what a difference it can make to your weight.

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