Muscle testing and function for health

I’m seeing a lot of alternative health care folks using Muscle testing to select a Homeopathic remedy. First off, I’m a big fan of muscle testing. I use it to check for emotional blockages. I use it all the time to determine allergies. I think it’s a safe, easy, fast, and cheap tool.
I don’t believe in using it for Homeopathy. Here are my reasons:
Some people are hard to muscle test. Kids that are “in-between” ages. Where they’re too big to use a parent or an assistant to sub for them, and too young to stay focused on the issue that’s being presented. Next, people are highly suggestible. So, when I use muscle testing for allergies, I don’t let the person see the sample I’m testing them for, AND I take off my glasses so I can’t read it either. I make a pile of samples, and shake them up. Then as I’m testing I pull them out at random.
Most people will test positively for many remedies within their Miasm (People are genetically pre-disposed to groups of remedies). Next, the remedy may fit some of their symptoms, but not the totality. You don’t always get the totality of the symptoms, but you do the best you can. Another issue with these selections is that it may be the right remedy for the person, but at the WRONG moment in time. Most cases go through a progression.
Almost anybody can find a good first prescription. That’s easy. How about the follow up remedy? The schools make such a big deal about the first remedy, and they have a little victory dance. The second, and then third prescription? That’s the tough ones. When you’ve cleared a layer, a past trauma, a past injury or illness? Then the case changes, and you have to throw out your work and start all over.
Why do people muscle test remedies? Because Homeopathy is hard, and complicated and very vague and subjective. Holy CRAP!! There are 3000+ well proven remedies. With more being added every day. For headaches, there are 500 pages of remedies in the book. Many Chiropracters, acupuncturists, etc.. use the muscle testing as an EPIC shortcut, and get some positive results.
Is using muscle testing bad Homeopathy? Yes. I think it is. I think it’s lazy and sloppy.
Here’s the thing. Homeopathy doesn’t have to be a giant complicated monster. When the earthquake in Haiti hit, I supplied the homeopathic aid team with Homeopathic first aid kits. (almost 800lbs of remedies). How many different remedies did they need as they went from town to town? How many remedies were needed to deal with physical injury, malnutrition, emotional trauma, fear? Contagious diseases, bad water?
Guess? The kits had 60 big remedies. Sixty. The big remedies are called polycrests. These big remedies affect so many body systems, that it’s really hard to mess up.
Now, let’s look at it from another angle. I went to a seminar, and the guy teaching it was such an intuitive healer. He’d look at the patient for 3 seconds and make a remedy choice. That happens to me too. Not very often, but sometimes(12 times in 10 years). The point is this. You cannot teach intuition. I walked out of the course. There was nothing this guy could show me in three hours that was going to teach me how to do what he did. In all honesty, I don’t think he knew how he did it either. That’s not a teachable system.
If you have a healer that’s gifted? That’s great. And how is that magical talent going to help you to choose a remedy at 4:00am when your kid has puked all over the ceiling?
Magic won’t help your kid feel any better.
Homeopathy is a series of yes/no questions. What is the patient’s main complaint? Location? Sensation? What makes it better? What makes it worse?
Take a little time. Learn the SYSTEM. And you’ll get amazing and consistent results.
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