NEGATIVE IONIC charge on cell salts?

This is Miro Posavec, and I”m the President of Bestmade Natural Products.

You’re asking me for more information on one of my favorite topics. So, get comfortable.

I’ve also been a Homeopath in private practice for 15+ years.

Up until recently, the western world hasn’t done much with Cell Salts, or tissue salts. My education in Homeopathy was biased against Tissue Salts, and we were told to use them as a PLACEBO to keep patients busy until the Homeopathic remedy did the actual work.

When I first started importing Homeopathic Remedies from BM in Pakistan, I didn’t sell any Tissue salts. This was difficult for my suppliers to believe, as the Salts were HUGELY popular all over the world, and we were the only market that didn’t sell any.

With the help of a few prominent Homeopaths, the salts, became more accepted, and then they’ve become adopted by Naturapaths, acupuncturists, and even Medical Doctors.

You’ve asked me specifically to give you useful information about the cell salts.

1: Most of the cell salts that are made in Europe and North America are NOT made by trituation. They spray the remedy onto the lactose pellets. Be careful what you buy!

2: We do make Lactose free tablets, and a lactose free liquid version of the cell salts. These are more expensive because of the economies of scale involved in manufacturing. In my experience, people with lactose issues have no problems taking these. the physical amount of lactose that is in a daily dose is really small, and has no effect. I always recommend that people buy our cheaper traditional lactose based version. The ONLY time I recommend the more expensive lactose free version is when a person is a strict vegan and does not wish to ingest any animal products. Save money!

3: Ionic charges: The trituation process (intense physical grinding) provides a negative charge to these remedies. Some people claim that they cannot contact any metal. Keep in mind that in modern manufacturing and packaging it’s impossible to keep standards of cleanliness in a production line without using stainless steel in the machines. Our tablets are made in a facility with lots of metal, and we package them with aluminum foil seals. I don’t understand how they could make them any other way??

**I think this next paragraph is the most important thing to share**

4. It’s common knowledge that you can easily “cancel” or ruin a remedy. We were taught that even touching a pellet would immediately ruin a remedy. This not the case. Properly made Homeopathic remedies are exceptionally durable. If you touch them with your hands, or they fall on the floor, they are not ruined. When the earthquake hit HAITI years ago, we equipped a team of trained Homeopaths with 1200lbs of remedies. The team worked in unsanitary conditions, under a variety of temperatures. And they were able to achieve amazing results.

I’ve had MANY clients over the years take a remedy in a cup of hot coffee, and get a great result.

If you’re taking a remedy and not getting a good result, you have 1) The wrong remedy selection. 2) you have a poorly made remedy.

5: How to choose a Cell salt? There are all kinds of different theories going around on different ways to select the cell salt that works best for you. I’m a traditional prescriber, and I will generally chose a remedy based on the complaint, and my observations. I’m not going to comment for, or against numerology, or Astrology. It’s not my thing, and if somebody gets a great result, then it’s a win. The big advantage in my experience with cell salts is this: For a very low cost, and very little negative side effects, the cell salts provide a very low risk way to experiment. In addition, when you get it right, the health and wellness benefits are astonishing. I’ve seen 30 year chronic health problems clear up after 30 days of taking a remedy. For a $6.00 bottle of pellets? Wow. My advice is to always experiment and see what works best for you.

6: Don’t forget the Combinations; Schuessler didn’t just break the 12 tissue salts out of traditional Homeopathic practice. He combined them into different formulations specific to certain health problems. Biocombinations. There are 28. the most popular one in North America is Biocombination 28 (BioPlasma from Hylands). This is a combination with all 12 cell salts in one tablet. Globally, they don’t sell that many. Far more popular is Biocombination 24. Or Five Phos. It contains all 5 of the phosphates. Great remedy for over all mental/emotional health. The combinations are easy to select and prescribe and are a fantasttic supportive therapy.

I hope that i’ve provided a different and practical view of the cell salts.