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Walmart Deals


Free. Bestmade Products at Walmart online. (only open to USA customers)
We are launching our products on Walmart right now and frankly, we could use your help! In return, you can get up to 5 products for free.  Yup, you heard that right 5 free products.  

Ok folks. Here's the deal. I will do a 100 % paypal rebate on products that you purchase from our listings in
This is for BESTMADE products only. I'm not going to rebate you for a new flatscreen TV. :P
5 product MAX per household.
Here are the steps: If you don't follow the instructions, I won't be able to provide a full rebate.
1: Go to Walmart and select which of the products you need.
2: Contact my Assistant, Great Joy. You can reach her through facebook messenger or email. She will put you onto the list, and give you the OK to go ahead and purchase the products. Nidz Madura < or>

**Please don't contact me. I'm not the smart or organized one. I will agree to anything, then promptly lose your information, and forget the entire conversation. Not to be sexist, but men are terrible at this sort of thing.
3: Once you have the OK to purchase the products, go ahead and place the order. Send the order # to Great Joy to verify.
4: After about a week to 2 weeks, please leave a review on the product. I don't want you to lie, and say that it instantly cured you, made you thinner, bigger, more tall. Just talk about your experience. If you didn't get a great response, leave something positive about the experience, and how the company is run by some obviously wonderful people.

5: Let Great Joy know when you have completed the review, and she'll check the reviews, and then send you a rebate for 100% of your purchase price, including shipping.
We're working hard to increase our presence on this online platform.  YOUR help is so appreciated.
**BONUS**  if you leave 5 reviews I will send you a $50 Walmart or Amazon Gift Card!!
Stay Safe out there!
Miro Posavec