Patience with Eczema

I’m seeing a lot of frustration about eczema, and I thought, I’d share some information.
First: OUR Eczema ointment is only one of several treatment programs that I carry specific to Eczema. The Calendula ointment works better for some people. It’s really trial and error.
It sometimes takes a combination of remedies to really clear it up. In stubborn cases, I’ll recommend the BM formula, the Cell salt skin combo (#20), and the ointment.
Next: Eczema is an external expression of a toxin problem in the liver. In Homeopathic practice, it’s always best to have bad stuff come out. We always avoid treatments that may block this expression, or push it back in. The specific term for this is suppression.
Over 200 years of Homeopathic literature link Asthma to eczema. It’s also been my experience that people with Asthma have always had eczema when they were small. And it was treated with cortisone, etc.
The problem with Eczema is that there are different layers of skin. So, even as the skin is healing underneath, you’re seeing the bad stuff come up between the layers. Very often if it gets worse, it’s actually getting better.
So, what’s the solution??
First off, keep a food log. Some foods may not cause an immediate reaction. But if you keep a log of foods, and track the “condition, you may discover a pattern of a food that’s causing a hit a day or two later.
Next: Relax. This is not a fast fixing problem. Don’t expect anything that’s going to solve it in five minutes. Do your best to keep the child comfortable. Whatever you are trying, give it time to work. You won’t know what is or is not helping for at least a few weeks. Jumping every day from different creams to pills, etc?? You’re going to get frustrated, and You’re never going to find out what is actually helping.
Let me explain something interesting with Homeopathy. Skin issues are often the LAST thing to clear up in a case. I have had many cases where the person came to me with a skin problem. Over the course of a few months, the client would be given Homeopathic remedies specific to their profile. And here’s what happens: They find they are sleeping better, poop better. Have more patience. All these other issues, that they didn’t even realize were bothering thing would clear up. And then the final symptom to clear out was the skin.
I always recommend a full Homeopathic Consult. the cost of the consult is minimal. ( I have a few excellent recommendations). The remedies are very, very affordable.
From a herbal approach, you want to support and work on the liver.
From an emotional aspect, you have to work on Anger, and take Bach remedies to that approach as well.

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