This is a summary of our policies and what you can expect from our company.

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772 245 6476


Any information that we collect is never shared outside the company. WE may include you in our email newsletters, but will promptly remove you if you unsubscribe. We don’t share information with outside contractors, companies, or affiliates. We do not keep your credit card information, or other personal information in our servers.

Refund Policy:

Everything we sell is 100% guaranteed. If you are unhappy for any reason, we will immediatly issue a refund for the product. MINUS the shipping and handling charges.


As our products are consumable, we don’t take returns. If you get a refund, you don’t have to send the product back. You can keep it, use it, or throw it away. For the safety of our customers, we will not sell a product that has been out of our control.

We offer FREE shipping. Products leave our warehouse within 48 hours of order, and are shipped by USPS. Either by Parcel post, or Priority. IF you have a rush shipment, contact customer service: (customerservice@ and we can arrange overnight delivery at additional charge.