Lactose Free Liquid Tissue (Cell) Salts Kit




We’re here to announce that we’ve prepared these Tissue Salts in a CANE sugar based tablet. 

Tissue Salts, or Cell Salts are a very effective and safe mineral combination for amazing health and vitality.  The PROBLEM has been that they have always been made with Lactose (milk sugar).  Some people just don’t do well with Lactose, or they are strictly vegan.  The only alternative has been getting these minerals in liquid form.  And it’s just not as good as a solid tablet. You get all the benefits and effectiveness of these Salts in an easy to take tablet, that won’t set off your dairy allergies. Contains all 12 of the individual Cell Salts. There are 12 individual bottle, each one contains over 300tablets of the individual remedies. Composition Calcium Fluoride, Calcium Phos & Calcium Sulphate Kali Mur, Kali Phosphate & Kali Sulphur Natrum Phosphate, Natrum Sulphur & Natrum Mur: Ferrum Phosphate (iron); Magnesia Phosphate (magnesium); Silicea (silica); ALL in 6x  

These are the HIGHEST quality Tissue Cell Salts that you will find. Anywhere!

Tissue Cell Salts are one of the safest, and most effective wellness supplements you can take. Tissue cell salts aren’t just mineral supplements, they go beyond that. Tissue cell salts support cell structure, and are KEY to your body managing minerals, and water effectively. If your body is not absorbing the minerals, and using them? Taking buckets of pills won’t help you get healthy. Tissue Cell Salts are transformational! Tissue cell salts are made to the highest possible standards, and strict adherence to the HPUS ( Pharmacopia of the United States) . The factory is ISO 2000-9001, and FDA registered. I’m not sure how much you know about tissue cell salts, but many manufacturers make them by simply diluting the salts in water. That means that these inferior tissue cell salts have low concentrations mixed with water/alcohol. It’s cheaper and easier to work with. Some of these tissue cell salts are mineral salts, and some are minerals. Tissue cell salts SHOULD be made by Trituation (mixed and crushed). It’s all in the details.. AND these are Trituated, as per the Pharmacopia, not done in water as other firms do to cut costs. AND it includes a concise cheat-sheet on how to use them effectively. A Quote from Elisabeth Taylor, “These are the finest Tissue Cell Salts that I’ve ever used in my practice. I cannot recommend them highly enough, and would not use any other product.”