Classic Tissue Cell Salt Kit all 12 Schussler Cell Salts with Easy to Use Remedy Chart, Boost your Immune System, Stimulate Natural Healing, Provide Cellular Nutrition Vital to Cellular Function

  • It’s easy to use our Cell Salts kits, as we include a FREE detailed and easy to use chart. This chart details big general uses, and even some very specific symptoms for each of the 12 Cell salts. It’s 3 pages of real and practical information.
  • More than just a regular mineral supplement; these salts help your body to manage and absorb and use nutrients. These will boost your immune systems; give you ENERGY and help you deal with STRESS.
  • This is the same top quality remedies and packaging that we sell to doctors.

This is a Classic Tissue Cell Salt KIT Includes all 12 Schussler Cell salts. These are the HIGHEST quality Cell Salts that you will find. Anywhere! They're manufactered to the highest possible standards. The Factory is ISO 2000-9001, and FDA registered. I'm not sure how much you know about cell salts, but many manufacturers make them by dilution. That means that they have low concentrations mixed with water/alcohol. It's cheaper and easier to work with. Some of these remedies are mineral salts and some are minerals. They SHOULD be made by Trituation(mixed and crushed). It's all in the details. AND you get over 550 pellets, (most only have 120). AND these are Trituated, as per the Pharmacopia, not done in water as other firms do to cut costs. AND it includes a concise cheat-sheet on how to use them effectively