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Force Field Spray - Natural Flower Essence Combination

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A Cleansing & Protecting Remedy 
Helps you Deal with Crisis and Negativity,
Protect Yourself from being Overly Influenced by Others
Anti Stress Protection

NOTHING TO TAKE, no pills or drops that might upset your stomach! No worries about side effect or interactions.

INSTANT RELIEF; spray on this powerful combination of Star of Bethlehem and Walnut Flower to immediately feel better.

CLEANSING AND CALMING PROPERTIES help you deal with negative emotions and cope with trauma past crisis or grief.

PROTECT YOURSELF from the negative influence of others and follow your own path; find the inner strength to move on

GIVE YOURSELF PEACE OF MIND in your home and everywhere you go. Easy to carry and use, safe for adults and teens

Force Field Spray - Natural Flower Essence Combination

Stress, a crisis or grief not only effects your emotions but your whole body, often upset stomachs and headaches can accompany your feelings. When you try to take medication or herbal remedies it backfires and you end up feeling worse. Now you feel sick and upset too. What if you could relieve your tension and improve your outlook without taking a pill, a liquid, a drop or even a pellet of anything?

Force field Spray can be taken at any time and pretty much any place you might be. Feeling overwhelmed? You are just a quick spray and a few calming breaths away from feeling better. When your emotions seem to be taking over in a difficult situation, neutralize the negative thoughts. Spray, breathe and then you can focus on dealing with the challenges you are facing.

Dealing with the expectations of others can cause lots of stress, somehow what you want gets lost in the process. This combination of original flower essences will allow you to find the inner strength to protect yourself from being overly influenced by others and make your own decisions about what you need to do

Combining Star of Bethlehem Flower Essence and Walnut Flower Essence creates a powerful product that can produce results. Star of Bethlehem is cleansing; it is meant to counteract trauma and not just what is happening to you right now. Our bodies and minds can feel the effects of trauma from long ago and the power of this particular flower essence can even help you be calm when dealing with your past issues. The power of Walnut flower is protection; what others think about you or want you to do should not control you. Free yourself from those that try to limit you. Each of these natural flower essences possesses their own healing properties but together they can promote calmness, healing and positive change in your daily life.

There is nothing to take and no worries about bad reactions to a medication or course of treatment, Force Field is an instant and simple solution for dealing with sudden stress and overwhelming people. It can be used whenever you need it and it is suitable for all the members of your family.

Star of Bethlehem, Walnut (in an alcohol base)


Spray several pumps  onto yourself  or an object near you for immediate relief.  Use as needed.

30mL approximately a 1 month supply when used as recommended


                                  110% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE
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Force Field Spray - Natural Flower Essence CombinationForce Field Spray - Natural Flower Essence CombinationForce Field Spray - Natural Flower Essence CombinationForce Field Spray - Natural Flower Essence Combination

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Force Field Spray - Natural Flower Essence Combination