Reasons For Slow Metabolism In Men And How To Boost It

Reasons For Slow Metabolism In Men And How To Boost It

Men generally have a higher metabolism than women because of their chemical makeup. Their testosterone levels and higher muscle mass make them able to burn up energy faster than women. Statistically men are also more active than women are and this contributes to a higher metabolism that is going even when the body is at rest.

It’s all too common that a couple will go on a diet together and the woman is so frustrated because she can barely lose five pounds in the amount of time that her man loses fifteen. It’s not that he’s trying harder; it’s just his gender and his high metabolism.

There may come a time, however, that this man’s metabolism isn’t working as good as it used to. Below are reasons for slow metabolism in men and how to boost it.

1. Hormonal Imbalance – Yes, that’s a woman’s problem, right? Well, apparently not. The testosterone levels in men can decrease when they get older, or for many other reasons and this can have a drastic effect on metabolism. Testosterone is a key factor in maintaining lean muscle mass. The more muscle you have the better performing metabolism you will have. Muscle burns calories all day long, even when you aren’t lifting a finger.

How can you fix this? According to a recent study in the journal Hormone and Metabolic Research, men can stop the decrease in testosterone and boost their metabolism by making sure they ingest more vitamin D. Instead of getting sun damage by trying to soak up some vitamin D through the sun, try getting more through your diet. Eggs, tuna, salmon, mushrooms, and fortified milk are all great sources of vitamin D.

2. Lack of Sleep – We know you are busy and there aren’t enough hours in the day but when you don’t give your body enough rest, your metabolism takes a beating. Your body craves fatty and sugary foods for one, which slow down metabolism but the body has an extra hard time breaking down carbs, which spikes blood sugar levels. This, in turn, messes with your insulin levels, which increases the amount of stored fat in the body. The more fat in your body the slower your metabolism.

Fixing this is easy! Sleep more! Adults need at least 7 hours of sleep for optimum energy so fit that into your busy schedule; no more staying up late watching television or partying all night, except on occasion of course.

3. Not Enough Activity – You may not be moving your body enough, or maybe not in the right way. Physical activity is a key component to revving up your metabolism. The absolute best workout to get your metabolism working right is interval training, to be more specific, high intensity interval training. Sprinting, plyometrics, and circuit training are all great examples. Try to make a goal of completing at least three 30-minute workouts this week, and then increase the amount to five days a week when you can.

4. Stress – Stress can mess with our hormones, as well. Stress increases the cortisol in the body, which will make you to become a monster ruled by food cravings. When we are stressed, we find ourselves raiding the fridge or scouring the cupboards for anything to appease our cravings, or better put our emotional needs. When we constantly have high levels of stress, we find our healthy eating habits thrown out the door and we gain weight. Weight gain will slow down your metabolism. So find ways to decompress and kick that stress out of your life for good.

5. Not Eating Enough – Sometimes our attempts at losing weight can sabotage our weight loss. When we cut down the amount of food we eat drastically, as in to an unhealthy amount, we aren’t doing ourselves any good. Sure, we might lose weight at first, but eventually our lack of calories will make our bodies take some of our precious muscle tissue and use it for fuel. This destroys our metabolism and saps our energy. To fix this simply up your calorie intake by a few hundred calories per day and see if your energy levels don’t return.

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