Stress and Anxiety- solutions and strategies.


Stress and Anxiety feed each other.

But stress has served a very specific purpose for a long time. Imagine that it’s 200 years ago. There’s a noise outside your cave, tent, or mud hut. Your heart would pound and adrenaline would flow. You would instantly be ready for a life-and-death battle with a 600lb Grizzly bear! Now that’s STRESS, and it could also lead to anxiety about bears in general.

In our modern lives, there are very few situations where a bear will be a danger to you. In fact, a person would have to work hard just to find a bear.


Extensive research has shown that every body system is damaged by long term stress. Compounding the problem is the anticipation of stress. Anxiety. Running away from a bear for a few minutes at a time is no problem. The problem becomes when your body is in a constant state of “panic” and the nervous system is in overdrive.

If you’re lucky, you will get physical symptoms first.

Back pain, neck pain, stomach problems. If this continues, you may have trouble sleeping, your personal relationships suffer and you get Very grouchy. No matter how strong you are, Stress and Anxiety will wear you down.

Even a slight increase in measured stress has a huge effect on thinking and memory. Your brain turns to MUSH, and you can’t do your job or live your life.

Stress and Anxiety management is crucial to help people with learning disabilities. If you can reduce, even a portion of the stress for a person, their cognitive abilities immediately rebound.

Your brain turns to MUSH, and you can’t do your job or live your life.

This is why doctors prescribe anti-depressants in such a wide range of mental, physical and emotional issues. Stress management is an important part of long term pain management, and chronic care. Being afraid of getting sick, or MORE sick creates Anxiety, and that adds to the stress.


I had a bad scare with a dentist a few years ago. I tried all kind of things to get rid of the stress and fear. One of the things I tried was going to a hypnotist. I went to a few sessions and it reduced the fear and anxiety by about 10%. But that 10% made the difference between actually going inside the office or running away like a little girl.

If you are reading this, you are educated enough to realize that taking pharmaceutical medication is not the only option. Just the list of side effects of anti-depressant/anti-anxiety Medication is stressful. Suicidal thoughts, sexual dysfunction, rage. This list goes on.

What can I do to reduce the stress in your life? You can make life changes, but you should change how you cope.

What do we have that will help you cope, and THRIVE, but has no dangerous contra-indications?

The next choice is called Rescue Remedy. This product is so safe that you can use it with babies, cats, dogs, etc. The University of Miami did a study using Rescue Remedy in an E.R with shock victims. They found it as effective as prescription strength drugs like Adavan, and Valium. Rescue remedy is made from a combination of flowers. These were developed by a doctor named Dr. Edward Bach. He believed that all health problems were caused by emotions. We carry the full line, and if you take the time to get to know these, they are super with kids. A few drops in water, and you sip at the water.


If you have Depression/Anxiety, our BM Formula #17 has been extremely effective. We have had many clients take this remedy over time and eventually eliminate their pharmaceutical medications. After a few months, the clients stopped taking our remedy entirely. ANY changes to medication should be supervised by your Doctor!

This is my first choice when a child is acting out in school or has trouble learning. One child made such a transformation after he started taking our BM Formula #17. He was about to be expelled for being violent with the other kids. Within 3 weeks, he was the star student.


If you experience great sadness and day-to-day futility, then I recommend BM #118. This is our top Depression formula for adults. If you can barely get yourself out of bed, then this is the remedy for you.

Panic Attacks. Great anxiety. Fear. BM #180 is amazing at reducing the impact, and frequency of panic attacks.

Remember that nothing will fix you in one dose. If you get a little better each month, that is excellent progress.

If you feel that you can come off of your pharmaceutical medication, do it with your doctors’ permission,

If you have questions about our products, I welcome you to call our office, or to send us a note.

WE can help, don’t let the STRESS get to you!

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