The Alexander Technique For Pain

The Alexander Technique For Pain

The Alexander technique is a time tested method for pain relief that helps in promoting the awareness of movement of the body, and how each and every action we perform interferes with our posture in some way.

Everything that we do from how we walk, sit and even the way we speak and breathe all affect the structural form of the human body.

In a way, the Alexander technique is both an analytical and practical form of therapy. The fact is that people move in ways that are bad for the body, but, they are done subconsciously and the idea behind this kind of posture therapy is to enable you to examine all your movements, how you speak and breathe in order to make the necessary corrections.

How It Works

The Alexander technique mainly revolves around the study of how the head, neck and the upper torso all interact together. It is a technique that was originally used by theater actors to improve their vocal articulation and voice projection during performances.

However, it was accidently discovered that it helped resolve issues of back pain and respiratory conditions that some of the actors had been experiencing.

Since then, this technique has grown and it has become a way of reducing unwanted stress that is placed on the body and mind through daily tasks. This technique helps one to have control over physical and mental energy.

How It Works

The Alexander technique, which, is taught by a qualified teacher is an educational technique that offers real therapeutic value. It teaches improved posture and movement, which, is known to help in correcting and preventing problems that originate from bad habits.

The lessons are unique and practical ways of completely stopping and/or changing poor habits that contribute to back pain. These lessons are not a form of therapy, rather, an individual is taught to become of aware of and maintain natural coordination.

A constant repetition of these movements improves the individual’s form by making it precise. It develops the ability for one to choose better responses that are coordinated to the stimuli.

The Alexander technique does not include any kind of exercises or spiritual healing techniques. It involves movements which are made up of several patterns of coordination, such as, tension and postural patterns.

It’s important to bear in mind that this technique may not work for everyone and a student may require an average of 40 lessons to notice any change.

Types Of Pain It Addresses

Back Pain

When looking for a cure for back pain it is important to seek out the cause, and not just treat the symptoms. This allows to further address any related health issues and to prevent future reoccurrences of the problem.
The Alexander technique can help you identity poor posture and movements that could be the cause of your back pain. This technique helps in reducing pain and refining body movements so that back pain does not occur again, which can be harmful to your health and cause on going discomfort.

It is a well-known fact that once a back injury occurs it usually results in long term pain and reoccurrence of the condition for life. The Alexander technique can really help in this way to teach one proper movement to reduce the risk of this happening.

Chronic Pain

Pain occurs when signals are sent to the body as a result of an injury or illness. When pain occurs, the body’s flight response is triggered and rapid changes occur to deal with the changes. Chronic pain differs from acute pain in that it is defined as pain that continues for three or more months.

When these rapid changes keep occurring over an accumulated period of time the body becomes stressed and consequently the person’s emotional and psychological wellbeing. The reality is that continuous pain drains your resources causing anxiety and depression.

The Alexander technique helps you to understand how your body works and its teacher can help you gain control over pain, prevent it and restore the body and mind to optimal balance.

This is a great all natural option for pain that has no side effects and it really can work! Give it a try and see if it can solve your pain problems.

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