There is a SECRET WAR going on with your health and wellness

Wellness is complicated.

On one side, you have conventional medicine.  Conventional doctors with their machines, and tests, and poisonous chemicals.

The other side is populated by holistic healers.  They favor herbs, diet, acupuncture, homeopathy, naturapathy, etc.

For the most part, these two factions are mortal enemies.  Each discrediting the other, and each having a dogmatic belief in their chosen system.

I am excited to share a case with you.  Here.

I work closely with an MD/Naturopathic doctor.  She’s a highly trained and experienced MD, with a long history of in the field work with the CDC, and multiple degrees in conventional medicine and Naturopathic.  I provide her office with my Homeopathic and Natural remedies, I’m also a consulting Homeopath.  I help her patients achieve wellness without the use of pharma drugs.

The patient comes in to see this Naturopath  early last year.  Her primary complaint is blood in her stool, and the patient has been to numerous doctors with no positive results.  I’m very confident.  This sort of wellness issue is well suited for Homeopathic treatment.  I suggest a Homeopathic remedy, plus a cell salt combo (mineral base).  There is some improvement, but not the solution I was hoping for.

The Naturopath is also disappointed with the results, and sends the patient in for further testing.

A Colonoscopy reveals that the patient has Colitis.  This explains why our initial treatment plan didn’t work.  I suggest remedies for Colitis, and changes are made to the diet.  Again, we have some forward progress, but not as far as we want to go.

The patient has developed some abdominal pain, and on further investigation, Fibroids are detected.  I suggest remedies for Fibroid tumors.  On a follow up, it’s been determined that the growths are actually getting worse.  And one is measured at over 10 cm.  I’m frustrated by the case.  It doesn’t make any sense.

The patient has now gone back to conventional medicine, and is getting worse.  Each treatment is aggravating the colitis, and the pain and discomfort has become so bad, that the patient is missing a lot of work.

On doing some further research, the Naturopath has a theory.   Parasites.  All of the symptoms fit the profile of an parasitic infection.  This would also explain why we had such little improvement with the remedies.  We weren’t able to establish functional metabolic balance, simply because it was being disrupted by a foreign invader.

The Naturopath calls the patient back, and orders comprehensive stool, and blood tests.  These tests come back with a positive result.

Yes!  We have our cause.  I provide remedies specific to expel parasites, and within a week, the patient passes tapeworm pieces.

This case example demonstrates how important it is not to completely discount one approach to healing over the other.

On my own, I don’t have the skills, training,or diagnostic tools available to work this out.  A completely alternative approach would have failed.   I’d be chasing remedies and doses, but not being able to understand that I was fighting an outside (technically inside) force.

A conventional doctor would have only used more powerful drugs that would have been very harsh and harmful to this particular frail patient.

As a Homeopath I’m able to reach into a box of effective and profoundly gentle remedies to heal the patient with the least collateral damage.

As a medical/wellness consumer you have to bridge this gap on your own.  And you can accomplish this by being informed.  And be firm.  Advocate for yourself, and don’t let any medical/health professional bully or intimidate you.



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