Using your Zodiac sign to find a Homeopathic Remedy?

Todays question on my site was, “I’m an AQUARIOUS, which Homeopathic remedy do I take?”homeopathic remedies photo

Let me first qualify this a little bit.  Homeopathy is a system of health, where we try and find the remedy that best suits the entire person.

The challenge of Homeopathy is that there are over 3000 different remedies.  Sometimes it’s just so overwhelming to find ONE.  So, anything that looks like a good shortcut, is very appealing.  Using Astrological generalizations seems like an easy way to understand people.

But,  I don’t think that your ASTROLOGICAL sign should be ONLY the way you choose a remedy, or mineral salts.   I was trained, and in my experience you get the best outcomes by looking at the entire case.

You gather up the mental, emotional and physical symptoms, and match it up to the best remedy.  (we hope!)

IF you really know and understand Astrology, and it helps you to understand the person better?  That’s awesome.  But saying simply that I’m a Picses, and I need THIS or THAT remedy, without looking closely at the case is not helpful.

My goal is for people to get fantastic results with Homeopathy.  I get excited when they feel better using this safe, gentle and very cost effective health/wellness system.

My concern is that people aren’t getting the best possible outcomes using Homeopathy.


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