Private Label, Wholesale and Distribution

Wholesale pricing and packaging available to large scale purchasing.

At BestMade, we are driven to exceed the needs and expectations of our customers. BestMade is:

Consistent Dependable Honest Profitable

BestMade focuses on what’s important: you, YOUR practice, your store, your brand, and your customers.

We’ve been working closely with Health Professionals for over half a century. Our products are simply the most carefully and authentically prepared Homeopathic remedies available anywhere in the world.

We make over 3,000 products and initiate leading-edge programs that move sales. We live and breathe excellence in effective and well priced products. We are committed to honoring relationships, working in collaboration, and mutual success. We honor the earth and all it provides, and work in partnership with it.

For more than 50 years, this is how we’ve conducted business, and this is how we’ll continue to do it.

A quick look at BestMade

One of the largest global manufacturer of specialty homeopathic and herbal products with 17 distribution centers globally
The largest supply source for the majority of our practioners
First to market with new and unique products
A team of professionals that have the experience, passion and knowledge to substantially grow your business
An industry leader in the “triple bottom line” – balanced environmental, social and economic performance.

Experience and Commitment

BestMade is commited to ongoing improvement of our formulas with extensive and close relationships with thousands of practicioners.
We are the tincture source for other manufacturers and brands.
We have over 50 years of development and manufacturing excellence.

Our products and service will exceed your expectation.

For more information about doing business with BestMade, please contact us directly.