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Free Shipping On Every Order!
Free Shipping On Every Order!

UNCONDITIONAL 100% Guarantee

Let me start with two facts.

1:   People are all different, and something may work great for one person, may not work for somebody else.

2:  People hate to get the customer service hassle when it comes to problems, refunds, returns, and getting your product problem solved.


We have developed a very simple solution to both of these issues:


IF one of our products doesn't work, and you're not happy with it for ANY reason, we'll issue a full refund with no headaches or hassle.  If you contact us, we will often suggest a different product, and we'll send you that product to try out at no charge.  We want you to be a LIFETIME customer, and we're willing to help you to solve your problem.

In case you are concerned about our product safety, we make all of our products in strict accordance to the HOMEOPATHIC PHARMACOPIA OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

All of our products are organically sourced, and manufactured in an FDA Registered Facility.   Our plant is CERTIFIED ISO-9001.