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Essential Oils For Arthritis

Essential Oils For Arthritis

If you have arthritis, you know how frustrating it can be when the pain keeps you from completing normal activities. In addition to seeing your doctor for medical treatments, it is also good to try some natural remedies at home, such as with essential oils. Plants like peppermint and rosemary work very well for reducing the inflammation and swelling brought on by arthritis.


Rosemary oil is a soothing oil with a light floral scent that can also be used for arthritis. This is one of the top essential oils to be used for promoting better circulation. It also has anti-inflammatory benefits, so the inflammation and swelling in your joints can be remedied with some rosemary oil. It also has anti-pain properties, which is another great reason to use it for arthritis. For arthritis, use the rosemary oil with a carrier oil like jojoba oil, then rub it directly onto your joints.


Peppermint is an essential oil that works for so many ailments, but primarily body pain and inflammation issues. Peppermint oil, like rosemary oil, has anti-inflammatory properties. This means it is going to be tremendously helpful when reducing the inflammation that is leading to your joint pain. You might not be able to cure your arthritis, but you can bet this oil will help. You also want to use it with a carrier oil before applying to the painful joints you have. Coconut oil is a great carrier oil to use with peppermint oil.


You might not hear about turmeric much, but this is an herb that is really great for arthritis. Turmeric is another anti-inflammatory herb that helps especially with rheumatoid arthritis. The herb itself is often given to people either as a supplement or to put in their food if they have arthritis. However, you can get it as an essential oil if you prefer to use it in this manner. You may also want to try a turmeric tea to help with your arthritis pain.


Frankincense essential oil is also good for helping with ailments that are worsened by irritation and inflammation, such as with arthritis. Frankincense oil not only reduces overall inflammation, but it can also help with the breakdown of cartilage issue, reducing the severity of it.

When you are using essential oil for arthritis, applying it directly to the skin is usually the better option. As with other oils on your skin, just make sure it includes a carrier oil. However, if adding it to a bath, it is okay to skip the carrier oil.


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