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  • Hemorrhoids Relief
    August 19, 2019 Miro Posavec

    Hemorrhoids Relief

      Why are Hemorrhoids so Common? Hemorrhoids are sometimes known as piles. They are swollen veins in the anus and lower rectum which are very similar to varicose veins. By the age of 50, approximately half of all adults have...

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  • Allergic Skin Reactions & Rashes
    August 9, 2019 glynis kennedy

    Allergic Skin Reactions & Rashes

    A skin rash is a change in your skin’s color, appearance or texture; it is often itchy, painful and inflamed. Rashes can happen for various reasons. They can be caused by exposure to plants such as poison ivy and sumac,...

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  • Toothache and nerve pain in jaw (bio23)
    August 9, 2019 glynis kennedy

    Toothache and nerve pain in jaw (bio23)

    Toothache and nerve pain in jaw (bio23) is a homeopathic remedy that relieves dental pain, toothaches and jaw pain. TMJ disorders and Trigeminal Neuralgia are two common conditions that triggers jaw pain. The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) acts like a sliding...

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  • Hay Fever Remedy BM188
    August 9, 2019 glynis kennedy

    Hay Fever Remedy BM188

    Hay fever, also known as allergic rhinitis, causes symptoms such as runny nose, itchy eyes, congestion, sneezing and sinus pressure. Hay fever is not caused by a virus, but by an allergic reaction to outdoor and indoor allergens such as...

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  • Anxiety & Your Skin
    August 4, 2019 glynis kennedy

    Anxiety & Your Skin

    Anxiety can have a huge impact on you and your life, it can also cause problems with skin irritation and break outs.  In an article from Jan 2017 Psychology Today talks about how our skin conditions can flare up when...

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  • Why You Should Cut Back on Sugar?
    June 20, 2019 glynis kennedy

    Why You Should Cut Back on Sugar?

    There are a lot of reasons to reduce your sugar intake, from saving your teeth to boosting your immune system. Sugar is also one of your skin’s worst enemies it can cause wrinkles and make acne and other skin conditions worse
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