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Essential Oils For Women’s Health

Essential Oils For Women’s Health

Essential oils have a lot of excellent uses, and among them, are some uses particularly for women. They can help with anything from your emotional state during pregnancy, to body changes each month during menstruation all the way through menopause.

Clary Sage

Clary sage is an essential oil that contains phytoestrogens. These are really important for all things concerning women’s health, but primarily when it comes to menstruation and menopause. Clary sage has a soothing scent that isn’t overpowering, but does relax you with some aromatherapy properties. You might even find that clary sage essential oil can help to uplift your mood when dealing with irritability or depression during different parts of your menstrual cycle. However, if you have fibroids, you should reconsider using clary sage.


Lemon essential oil has a crisp, fresh scent, that is hard not to love. Lemon essential oil still has some of the vitamin C that lemons themselves have, which provide antioxidants for your body. These can help you to feel refreshed even on a day when you have menopause or are on your period and really don’t feel your best. Try adding some essential oil to a glass of warm water or tea, or making a face cream that has lemon essential oil in it.


Lavender essential oil is often used for many different purposes, from emotional and mental health, to insomnia, and body aches and pains. It can also be great for balancing your hormones and reducing pain from menstrual cramps and other health disorders having to do with your reproductive system. If you often have headaches or stress during your period or menopause, essential oil can help you. It is also good for relieving other symptoms of PMS if you want to go the natural route. Take a nice hot bath when you have menstrual cramps and add in some drops of lavender, or add them to a diffuser when lying down.


If you don’t mind the minty scent of peppermint, it can be really useful for women’s health. It is great when you have menstrual cramps, but mostly for your headaches or migraines. Many women experience some nasty headaches when they are on their period or going through menopause, and peppermint essential oil added to a diffuser while you lay down with all the lights off is a good way to find relief.

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