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The Best Choice for Hay Fever Remedy BM188

The Best Choice for Hay Fever Remedy BM188


Hay fever, also known as allergic rhinitis, causes symptoms such as a runny nose, itchy eyes, congestion, sneezing, and sinus pressure. Hay fever is not caused by a virus but by an allergic reaction to outdoor and indoor allergens such as pollen and dust mites. When having hay fever, the immune system identifies a harmless airborne allergen as harmful and produces antibodies.

The next time a person comes in contact with the allergen, the immune system releases antibodies such as histamine to the bloodstream that produces annoying symptoms and signs of hay fever. Poor sleep, worsening asthma, sinusitis, ear infections, and interference to day-to-day activities are problems that are correlated with hay fever.

There are several home remedies to treat hay fever, such as gargling with warm water for sore throat, taking diphenhydramine to relieve sneezing symptoms, runny nose, itchy throat, and eyes keeping the environment clean. Besides, homeopathic remedies are used to treat hay fever. Homeopathy is a safe, effective, and gentle form of medicine.

Hay fever remedy BM188 is a natural homeopathic formula that has proven to be one of the best remedies available for hay fever.

Hay fever remedy bm188 is composed of natural ingredients that are used in homeopathy. They are Allium CepaD7 70C, AnthuxanthumD200 200C, Arum MaculatumD200 200C, ArundoD30 30C, Mixed PollenD30 30C, Phleum PratenseD6 60C, SabadillaD3 30C, Nat ArsD6 60C. Allium cepa is a wellknown homeopathic medicine that is obtained from the bulb part of the onions. It is used to cure conditions occur in the mucous membranes of the nose, eyes and throat. It is a popular in treating and reducing symptoms of hay fever and cold.


Anthuxanthum, which is referred to as sweet vernal grass, is a popular medicine for hay fever and coryza. It is obtained from the infusions of the fresh flowering herb. Arum Maculatum is another ingredient in the formula which is obtained from the extract of fresh tuber or corn of the Araceae plant.

It is used in sore throats and helps in reducing swollen membranes. During hay fever, the person will have a runny nose and may lose their sense of smell and even cough and chestiness. And an itchy feeling will occur inside the ears too

Arundo made from Italian grass can effectively reduce these symptoms. Mixed pollen 30Creduces most of the symptoms of hay fever, including wheezing, sneezing, streaming nose, and congestion. It is made from a mixture of grass, trees, and flower pollen.

Phleum Pratense is a plant. Pollen of this plant is used as the homeopathic medicine. Normally people use this to reduce grass pollen allergies by desensitizing the body to grass pollen allergies. Usually, the treatment is done by keeping Phleum Pratense under the tongue. Sometimes it is injected under the skin to reduce symptoms of hay fever and allergies.

Sabadilla, which is obtained from the tincture of plant seeds, Melanthiaceae, provides temporary relief of runny nose and sore throats. Nat Ars is a remedy for nasal catarrh, headache, pain at the nose's root, dry and painful eyes, and conserves strength and appetite.

A person suffering from hay fever has to take 10-15 drops of hay fever remedy bm188 3-4 times a day in 8 oz of water. If the patient's weight is less than 100lbs, it is recommended to use half a dose or take the remedy as prescribed by the doctor.


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