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4th Of July Bundle-SOLD OUT
I Miss My Carbohydrates! - We Can Help You

I Miss My Carbohydrates! - We Can Help You

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Stopping Your Carbohydrate Addiction

Deciding to go cold turkey on your favorite carbs (yes, the same ones that are bad for you, but so delicious) could be the hardest time in your life.

In fact, sugar addiction is a very real thing, not just a made up condition or a  figment of your imagination. It is being researched more and more these days, as it has been discovered to share similarities to drug addiction, whereby pleasure and reward centers in the brain are constantly seeking their next “high” or feel good moment.

However, the good news is that carb addiction is not that difficult to break. In fact, after just 2 weeks or so of going CARB FREE - you can do without them, and you will not be subject to violent mood swings and out of control cravings. 

So how exactly can you stop missing those carbs, and overcome your addiction? By following the tips we have outlined for you, of course!

Prevent Hunger From Occurring

Sometimes, the difference between a craving and true hunger is confusing. In general, if you hear or feel your tummy “rumbling” you’re hungry. At other times, you think you’re hungry, but no signals are being sent from your tummy.

The best way to prevent this?

Eat timed meals. If you find waiting 4+ hours between meals isn’t quite working for you, divide that one larger meal into two smaller servings, which can be taken two hours apart. Ensure the meal is rich in protein and quality fat, as they are both very filling and will shut down your desires for sweets and starches. Do not fall into the trap of over eating at these smaller meals, or consuming foods that lack any nutritional value (junk).

The moderate amount of protein and high fat intake in a low carb diet really helps to satisfy your hunger, so you want to eat less naturally. If you are still having trouble controlling your hunger and food cravings there are many fantastic supplements that can help you get through this difficult transition.

Ravenous hunger natural remedy

BM19 may help your body deal with ravenous hunger, overweight, and unnecessary fat around the belly and other body parts.


In addition, when you begin to burn fat for energy, as you will on a low carb diet, you will not experience blood sugar spikes, which also helps to naturally regulate the appetite, as long as you eat protein and healthy fats on a regular basis.

Keep Yourself Busy

Do you notice that you, or your kids tend to gain an extra 5, 10 or 25 pounds during holiday or vacation times? Even though you may not be travelling and trying exquisite cuisine, the act in itself of being home all the time, bored as hell paves the way for overeating.

Binging on CARBOHYDRATE offers a short time fix for feelings of boredom, like smoking a cigarette or scratching to fix an itch. Keeping yourself engaged in activities will help distract your mind from useless snacking, starting an addiction if you haven’t yet developed one.

Stay Happy

Know what is absolutely jaw-dropping? The fact that a study revealed that cravings are not necessarily a result of hunger, but rather your mood. If you’ve ever watched a show like the biggest loser, one thing that usually resounds is the trigger that started the cascade of weight gain.

Depression supplement

BM118 may help your body to deal with low mood, sad mood, loss of interest, lack of pleasure in previously enjoyable activities, significant change in appetite, sleep disturbance, etc.


Normally, it was some sort of depression- having lost a family member, being bullied at school, having no friends or sheer boredom. Depression can also be the result of a poor diet where your nutritional needs are not being met, which just creates a vicious and unhealthy cycle.

Food (especially bad carbs), do improve your mood, albeit for a very short period of time. Then you end wanting more and more, frequently resorting to an unhealthy option like a bag of chips or candy.

Instead of being controlled by negative thoughts and impulses , do something fun to take up your time. Go visit somewhere new, do something you truly enjoy, get some exercise or go to a museum.

Find Replacements
Avocado, broccoli, olives, and salmon.

Sometimes, just talking about how hard cravings are  isn't enough; you need something tangible to fill the void created by the absence of your favorite sweet treats.

Good options here include foods like fatty fruits (avocadoes, olives) protein and fat rich meats, and bulky veggies.

You can even try making some kale chips, which taste delicious and fill you up pronto!


Stress relief and anxiety control natural remedy

Stress Relief & Anxiety Control may provide support and relief for anxiety, nervousness, stress, tension, panic attacks, restlessness, and irritability.


The key to getting over missing carbs is surviving the first two weeks, and getting them out of your sight. It is futile trying to break the cycle, when you have cookies stashed in your pantry begging to keep you company.  You won’t be missing any of them in no time when you begin to lose weight and get control of your appetite back!

Weight management natural remedyAnxiety and depression natural remedySupport metabolic functions

Instant calm formula Fit and Healthy - Natural Weight Loss Program  






BM247 provides support for metabolic function. Work as an appetite suppressant that may help with weight loss. Best used for hunger control for food and sugar cravings.

BM17 may help with anxiety, poor self-confidence, nervousness, fear, tension, sleeplessness, violent palpitation, and impaired memory with hallucinations.

BM10 may help your body deal with glycosuria, blood sugar, thirst, and negative feelings.

Instant Calm Formula provides effective natural support for anxiety, frustration, sleeplessness, and stress. It may promote calm, comfort, and focus.

Natural Weight Loss Program is recommended to naturally control hunger and burn fat. It may help you achieve your optimal weight and health.

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