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Myths Miracles and Truth- A Beginner's guide to Learning Homeopathy

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More than a book, this is a Natural and Holistic HEALTH solution.   

Wow.  Bold Claim.

Homeopathy is amazing, and gentle, and fast, and effective.  

Conventional medicine says that if you have a headache, you take Tylenol.  But Homeopathy works on your specific heachache.  Is it from sinuses?  Is from stress?  Maybe you slept wrong?   The remedy needs to be specific to work.  And finding the specific remedy for you in that moment is a little tricky.   That's why people have trouble getting consistent results using Homeopathy.  

Don't worry.   We've made it easy and PRACTICAL to use Homeopathy in your home.

If you have these three things:

Homeopathic kit at home (you can buy more remedies as you need them)
Learn some basics from this course (How Homeopathy works and some theory)
Have the  Fast Remedy Picker program (To help you pick the right remedy)

You can be confident that you will be able to handle 80-90% of your day-to-day health issues.  You'll have the tools you need to use gentle, natural, and safe Homeopathic remedies.  You'll be able to quickly run a case, and get the best remedy for that very specific issue.

We've combined a book, video courses and interactive diagnostic software to give you the tools to select the right remedy quickly.  We include over 10 hours of video instruction, detailed notes, and extensive reading.  You can go as deep as you like.

But don't get overwhelmed.  The Diagnostic software will allow you to get started quickly.

How quickly?  

Is 10 minutes fast enough?

Here is a 2-minute demonstration of getting set up, taking a case and getting a very good remedy.


What does this Book/course look like?


What are you getting in this package?

An immediate download of this 151 page book in PDF format.

LIFETIME access to the Fast Remedy Picker program to help you get the right remedy, right away.

Access to over 10 hours of Video instruction

Case Studies

We will be shipping hard copies of the book when it comes from the publishers.

If you're not impressed with your purchase and feel that it's clear and accesable, we will provide a full refund.