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Natural Support for Anxiety & Depression BM17 (30ml) Triple Pack- Save 30%

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Support for Symptoms of Depression & Anxiety 
Promotes better sleep Improves Energy Levels
Safe & Effective for Adults & Teens

Anxiety and Depression Natural Health Supplement

  • PROMOTES A CALM AND RELAXED MOOD helps maintain a positive outlook effective for teens & adults
  • SUPPORT FATIGUE Depression and stress can leave you tired and unmotivated improve your energy level
  • ANXIETY & DEPRESSION CAN LEAD TO VITAL NUTRIENT LOSS Restore lost nutrients and improve your mood
  • SAFE & EFFECTIVE can be taken alone or used along with your current treatment and medications
  • NO SIDE EFFECTS! An easy to take formula that is 100% drug free and Non-habit forming

ARE YOU FINDING IT HARD TO CONCENTRATE AND COMPLETE YOUR DAILY TASKS? Tired? Having trouble sleeping? Depression is a big word that describes a lot of little things you might be experiencing as a result of anxiety and being depressed. Hormones, life experiences and imbalances in your body all contribute to feelings of hopelessness, a sense of loss and even forgetfulness. You don’t have to feel this way…

PLANT POWER! This potent combination of plant based ingredients can have a quieting effect on your nervous system and allow you to function better and feel better. Passiflora, Ignatia and Moschus use the power of flowers, seeds and grain to help calm feelings of nervousness, anxiety and fear. Gently soothe mood swings, self-doubt and ease feelings associated with a loss of control in your own life with the powerful properties found in the Anacardium and Gelsemium plants.            

Natural Relief for Anxiety & Depression BM17 (30ml)

DO THE SIDE EFFECTS OF SOME PRESCRIPTION DRUGS WORRY YOU? The warnings on many prescription medications for anxiety and depression include upset stomach, fatigue, sexual problems and more. Do the unpleasant side effects sometimes make you stop taking your med's? Our supplements can help your body support symptoms of stress and tension without causing additional problems. Please remember you should always let your doctor know if you have stopped taking your med’s or are not using your medication as prescribed.
Natural Relief for Anxiety & Depression BM17 (30ml)

TAKING YOUR MED'S BUT STILL EXPERIENCING NEGATIVE FEELINGS OR FATIQUE? Add the Anxiety & Depression bm17 formula to your daily routine to help yourself feel more balanced and energized.

GET BACK YOUR INTEREST IN LIFE! Depression is not your fault. You deserve to feel better and enjoy life. We want to help you to help yourself.
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Natural Relief for Anxiety & Depression BM17 (30ml)

AconiteD7, Agaricus MusD6, AnacardiumD7, GelsemiumD5, IgnatiaD5, MoschusD12,  PassifloraD1 


Natural Relief for Anxiety & Depression BM17 (30ml)

Take 10-15 drops 3-4 times a day in 8 oz of water. If you weigh less than 100 lbs use half a dose or take as prescribed.

30mL approximately a 1 month supply when used as recommended

                                  100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE
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Natural Relief for Anxiety & Depression BM17 (30ml)Natural Relief for Anxiety & Depression BM17 (30ml)Natural Relief for Anxiety & Depression BM17 (30ml)

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Natural Relief for Anxiety & Depression BM17 (30ml)


Natural Relief for Anxiety & Depression BM17 (30ml)