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9 in 1 Skincare Story

BestMade Natural Products has taken over 9 in1 Skincare.  We're pleased to include Glynis Kennedy as part of our team,









I am Glynis and I created this product because I was tired of sore, infected skin that seemed to move from one disturbing problem to the next. Dermatologists tried but nothing seemed to work.  For almost 10 years I have been using the identical formula found in 9in1 Skincare Solution for Aging Skin and the results have been nothing short of miraculous!

The acne started when I was a teenager and it was complicated by eczema on top of the acne.  That would be a dry/allergic skin condition and an oily skin condition in the same place at the same time.  The treatments didn’t work very well. Over the next 25 years or so I continued to struggle with break outs of both eczema and acne. I used every acne product and cortisone cream I could find to try to heal my face.  When that didn’t work I used serious amounts of and concealer to hide my skin problems, but they were still visible and that really bothered me.

By the time I was in my 30’s the acne flare-ups were annoying but expected.  I had mild to moderate break outs every month, the doctor assured me this was normal for adult acne. That did not make me feel better!  Then in my late 30’s I developed contact dermatitis on my eyelids, which is a fancy way of saying that my eyelids swelled up, had infected scabs and cracked skin.  Apparently I was allergic to something that the skin on my eyes was coming into contact with. No word on what that was!  My eyelids would stick together in the morning and I would have to soak my eyes with a warm cloth just get them open, it was gross.  No matter what I used to clean and moisturize my skin it burned and was painful. 

In a final attempt to heal my skin my doctor ordered a special skin cream and eye cream from South Africa, it was REALLY EXPENSIVE well over a hundred dollars for each item. The cream was soothing and it didn’t make my skin burn and sting, but the contact dermatitis was still there. I was losing my mind!  That’s when I saw it …..I was just cruising around on the internet when I stumbled across an article that talked about cleaning your skin with oil.  Just oil, hmmm that didn’t sound like it would irritate my skin too much.   So I did some research and then I did some more research; there was so much information on line, so many options - I was hooked.  I designed my first “recipe” for skincare and started to use it.

The first time I put it on my face I was worried my eye area was going to sting when I applied the oils. Hurray!  Washing my face didn’t hurt and my skin actually felt kind of okay after cleansing it, which is a huge improvement over searing pain.  I applied a few drops of the product to my skin to moisturize the eye area but found it was a little hard to spread across the skin.   That’s when I learned “apply on damp skin” it just works better.  It also saves you money because a small amount of product goes a long way; and that is all you really NEED to use to get the benefits of the oil.

Okay so it didn’t sting, but the real test would be seeing if it could help heal up my eyelids. Within one week the condition of my eyelids was really improved, there was still some irritation and swelling but nothing like there had been.  When I woke up in the morning I could open my eyes up without any difficulties at all.    After a month of using my skincare oil other people were starting to notice the change in my skin too.   My skin was healthy and it looked great! Awesome side effect I had almost no pimples, crazy right?  I spread oil all over my face and my acne clears up.  I have never looked back I don’t use any other products to look after my skin and I wear very little make up, I don’t need to hide my skin anymore.

Knowing just the right combination of oils can turbo boost the power of skincare oil and help correct specific issues.  I am in my VERY late 40’s and I am amazed at how much using the face oil formulated for my skin has helped with the signs of aging.  Do I still get pimples? I do, but only one or two and only once in a while.  Does my eczema ever bother me? Yes, I get dry, cracked, itchy skin behind my ears.  So when I wash and moisturize my face I make sure to apply the oils to the area behind my ears, works like charm.

 I want to share this awesome way to care for your skin with basically anyone that will listen to me, so I created 9in1 Skincare. I want to help people that don’t know what else to do, and give people a natural, effective and inexpensive way to get beautiful, healthy skin.


Glynis Kennedy