About our Company



I'm Miro Posavec, and I'm the Founder and President of  BestMade Natural Products.   

Our mission is to help people to be HEALTHY.   To help YOU to be healthy.   I understand how frustrating it is.  Trying find something to help you feel better.


My son, Amadeus, was very sick as a small child.    He had terrible reactions to conventional medicine, and the more Doctors tried to help, the worse he got.   As a parent, I was so scared, and frustrated.  This is why I started the company.

While on this journey, I soon realized that other people were having the same issues.   So, I hit the books, and I learned more about natural remedies. It seemed impossible to find HEALTH products that were safe and gentle.  And actually worked!

After years of research and trial and error, we've developed a product line that WORKS!

We're so happy that you’ve found us!   Here at Bestmade, we've partnered with the best Natural Health Product suppliers in the world.  Our manufacturing partners are FDA Registered, and have the highest ISO quality and process certifications.

You can give our products to your family with confidence.   We use it in our own home.

Very Sincerely!

Miro Posavec, President

BestMade Natural Products.

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