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4th Of July Bundle-SOLD OUT
4th Of July Bundle-SOLD OUT

All Natural Remedy for Hernia (BM246) 30ml Triple Pack - SAVE 30%

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Natural Support for Hernia Issues
Helpful for Chronic Discomfort, Pain & More
Promotes Overall Well-being
Pure Natural Ingredients
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

  • Hernia Support: This remedy is specially designed to alleviate the discomfort and pain associated with hernias, offering much-needed effective natural support.
  • Natural Ingredients: It is crafted using natural and safe ingredients to provide a temporary aid for the discomfort and issues associated with hernias.
  • Promotes Healing: The product aims to enhance your body's natural healing processes, supporting recovery.
  • Holistic Approach: A comprehensive perspective on hernia care, this remedy addresses and considers the individual's overall well-being, promoting a holistic path to healing.

Understanding Hernia:

A hernia is a medical condition where an internal organ or tissue pushes through a weak spot or tear in the muscle or tissue wall that usually holds it in place. This can result in a visible bulge or lump, and it often causes discomfort or pain. Hernias can occur in various parts of the body, with the most common types being inguinal (groin), femoral, umbilical (belly button), and hiatal (upper stomach). 

All Natural Remedy for Hernia (BM246) 30ml

The Risk Factors And Common Symptoms:

Multiple factors can increase the risk of developing a hernia or increasing pressure on the abdominal wall. 

The following are the most common symptoms: 

  • a chronic cough, such as a smoker's cough; 
  • obesity, 
  • straining during bowel movements or while urinating; 
  • pregnancy, 
  • straining to lift heavy objects; 
  • and persistent sneezing, such as that caused by allergies. 

Hernia usually first becomes noticeable as a bulge somewhere in the abdomen or pelvic area or in the scrotum for men. If the bulge is reducible, it may enlarge when the person stands and becomes smaller when the person lies down. The changes in the hernia's size are due to the increased pressure on the abdominal wall caused by gravity when we stand. A hernia may cause sharp or dull pain that worsens during a bowel movement, urination, or lifting a heavy object. 

This product does not aim to cure or treat hernia. However, it may be used as a natural support for its associated discomfort and pain. 

All Natural Remedy for Hernia (BM246) 30ml

Why should you choose our product?

Choosing our All Natural Remedy for Hernia (BM246) may be the perfect choice for you, if you’re looking for natural support for hernia issues. Our product is meticulously formulated to support individuals dealing with hernia-related discomfort. We prioritize your well-being by providing a natural and holistic solution that addresses the underlying causes of hernias. Opting for our remedy means selecting a safe and non-invasive remedy to support you until recovery. Prioritize your well-being by selecting our All Natural Remedy for Hernia (BM246) and experiencing the potential benefits of natural hernia support!


Aurum MetD200+200C, AesculusD200+200C, CocculusD200+200C, Nux VomicaD200+200C, PituitrinumD200+200C, SulphurD200+200C, MorphinD200+200C


All Natural Remedy for Hernia (BM246)


Take 5-10 drops 3-4 times a day in 8 oz of water. People under 100lbs use half a dose or take it as prescribed.

30mL, approximately a 1 month's supply when used as recommended

                               100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

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All Natural Remedy for Hernia (BM246) 30ml