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4th Of July Bundle-SOLD OUT
4th Of July Bundle-SOLD OUT

Bestmade Single Remedy Arsenicum Album for Food Poisoning and Vomiting Triple Pack- Save 30%

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Supportive Aid for Food Poisoning Recovery
Traditionally Used for Vomiting
Supporting Gastrointestinal Upsets
Gentle and Safe
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

  • Recommended for Digestive Distress: Arsenicum Album may be recommended for its potential to help with digestive distress caused by food poisoning, aiding in restoring gastrointestinal balance.
  • Helpful for Diarrhea: It is useful in managing diarrhea, mainly when associated with food poisoning, and supports easing frequency and discomfort.
  • May Help Rebalance the Digestive System: Arsenicum Album might assist in rebalancing the digestive system after food poisoning, facilitating the restoration of standard functions.
  • Supportive for Nausea: It may alleviate nausea, minimizing the discomfort experienced during food poisoning. 


What are food poisoning and vomiting?

Food Poisoning refers to an illness caused by consuming contaminated food or beverages. It can result from bacteria, viruses, parasites, or chemical substances that have contaminated the food. Vomiting, on the other hand, is a natural reflex that expels the contents of the stomach through the mouth. It's the body's way of getting rid of harmful substances or irritants, which can include spoiled or contaminated food in the case of food poisoning.

Common causes of food poisoning and vomiting:

  • Bacteria: Consuming food contaminated with harmful bacteria like Salmonella, E. coli, or Listeria can lead to food poisoning and vomiting.
  • Viruses: Viral infections such as norovirus and rotavirus can cause stomach and intestinal inflammation, leading to vomiting.
  • Parasites: Ingesting parasites like Giardia or Cryptosporidium through contaminated food or water can result in food poisoning and vomiting.
  • Toxins: Certain foods can produce toxins when stored or prepared incorrectly, causing food poisoning and vomiting. Examples include spoiled seafood or improperly canned goods.
  • Chemicals: Ingesting chemicals or toxins in food, often due to improper handling or preparation, can lead to food poisoning and vomiting. This includes exposure to pesticides or cleaning agents.

Common symptoms of food poisoning and vomiting:

  • Nausea: A feeling of queasiness or discomfort in the stomach, often preceding vomiting.
  • Vomiting: The forceful expulsion of the stomach's contents through the mouth, which can provide relief from the toxic substances.
  • Diarrhea: Frequent, loose, and watery bowel movements that often accompany food poisoning.
  • Abdominal Pain: Cramps or discomfort in the abdominal area, which can be severe in some cases.
  • Fever: In some cases of food poisoning, individuals may experience an elevated body temperature as the body's immune system responds to the infection or toxins.

• Food Poisoning Natural Remedy that works naturally, No side effects, no drug interactions, no contraindications, and no"masking" of symptoms
• Potency: 30c
• Multidose: 25grams


Arsenicum Album 30c by Bestmade Natural Products is mainly used to temporarily improve symptoms and support from food poisoning and Vomiting. This medicine uses highly diluted natural substances to relieve symptoms. This comes in quick-dissolving pellet form. The multi-dose is the common dosage for these natural remedies.


Why should you choose our product?

Selecting Bestmade's Single Remedy Arsenicum Album for Food Poisoning and Vomiting is a choice deeply rooted in our commitment to providing effective solutions for digestive distress. In the face of food poisoning and the discomfort of vomiting, this remedy serves as a reliable solution, offering a pathway towards comfort and well-being.

Opting for Arsenicum Album aims to restore balance within the body. Its gentle yet practical approach to addressing signs of food poisoning and alleviating vomiting episodes resonates profoundly with our dedication to holistic remedies.

Choosing this remedy reflects a commitment to nurturing the body's innate ability to recover, offering a chance at holistic restoration and a return to optimal well-being.


Ingredient: Arsenicum Album [HPUS]

Inactive ingredients: Sucrose/lactose pellets

 To get the best results, do this:

Take 3-5 tablets 3-4 times a day, for people under 100lbs; use half a dose or take as prescribed.

25gm approximately a 1 month supply when used as recommended.


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