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Making the decision to live a healthy lifestyle complete with a nutrient rich diet is an easy thing to do. The hard part is following through with your decision and taking good care of yourself and your body every day. Believe it or not what you eat can affect your emotional health. By practicing mindfulness, you can improve your diet and stay on track with your goals.

So, What Is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the meditation practice of sitting quietly, focusing on your breaths, in and out. Its intent is not to rid your mind of thoughts, or keep from thinking. It is intended to help you balance and accept yourself, your thoughts, and be aware of your body in the moment.

Man meditating in the beach.

How Do You Meditate with Mindfulness?

Meditation may sound intimidating or like something you don’t have the time or focus to do, but Mindfulness is something anyone can practice, no matter where they are physically, or where they are with themselves.

To Practice Mindfulness, You Can Follow These Steps:

  • Find a quiet and comfortable place.
  • Sit on a pillow, and cross your legs comfortably making sure your hips are above your knees. Place your hands palm down on your thighs.
  • Close your eyes and begin breathing, in and out.
  • Focus on your breath, and pay attention to your thoughts. If they contain worries and stresses of the day, breathe them out.
  • As you breathe, do not try to stop your thoughts or change them. Just focus on who you are in that moment.
  • Breathing in and out, become aware of your body. Use your breathing to connect to your body, mind and self as a whole just where you are.

How Can Mindful Meditation Help Improve Your Diet?

You may wonder how Mindful breathing and meditation can help you improve your diet and stay on track with your weight loss goals, and will find that they support one another quite well.

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Releases Tension and Relieves Anxiety

When you release your body of tension through Mindful Meditation, you’ll reduce the anxiety and stress that is likely taking a toll on your body. If you are peaceful, relaxed, and free of stresses you will be less likely to use food as a comfort. Emotional eating is linked to stress. By freeing yourself from this, you can minimize or eliminate emotional eating and enjoy healthy, nourishing meals.

Engages and Focuses Your Mind and Increases Body Awareness

Breathing in and out, while allowing your mind and body to be aware of one another engages the brain and connects you to your body in a way that is calming, yet invigorating. 

By being mindful of the moment you’re in, and how special you, your mind and body all are, you begin to value all your parts, thoughts, and self. This type of mindset makes you peaceful, thankful and encourages you to take the time to give yourself the best care, food, and love possible.

Creates Acceptance of Who You Are Now & Inspires You on Your Journey to Self Love

Being able to love yourself, and accept where you’re at in your journey will lend itself nicely to keeping you on track in your healthy eating ambitions. If you constantly feel worthy of the care, you’re taking to feed your body healthy fuel and treat yourself well, you’ll be less likely to become discouraged and give up before you reach your healthy goals. Don’t let the negativity of others get in your way…

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Mindfulness calls you to be calm and recognize your thoughts, and who you are in any moment you’re practicing. Being mindful of your mind, body, and self as one can be very powerful in helping you achieving a healthy balanced life, and diet.


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