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Positive Thinking for Better Emotional and Mental Health

Positive Thinking for Better Emotional and Mental Health

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Our mind is the most powerful tool we have at our disposal. Thinking positively can make all the difference in your physical, emotional, and mental health. The right mindset is all that stands between you and your happiness.

In this article, we’re going to explore just that. What influence does positive thinking have on your emotional and mental health; how is it affecting your daily life; what can you do to manipulate this in your favor? Let’s dive in!

Developing positive thinking skills and harnessing their power can be challenging. It will take diligent effort; practice and it won’t always be easy.

The power of positive thinking is stronger than many of us even realize. The more positive you are it is more likely that the outcome will be as well. We already know a wide variety of ways in which positive thinking can improve many parts of our overall wellbeing, but how and what can it do for our emotional and mental health?

How can positive thinking create joy?

Our thoughts, emotions, and state of mind are all deeply intertwined. Our thoughts lead to our emotions which then create our state of mind. Our feelings guide our lives: we make decisions based on our feelings and we react to situations based on our feelings.

The more negativity clouding your thoughts, the more negative decisions you’ll make, thus you’ll react negatively. Then you enter a loop where your negative actions produce unwanted outcomes making you feel bad and repeat the process in an attempt to fix it, ending up in a state of mind which brings you nothing but pain. When you’re positive, you react positively, make positive decisions, and creating a positive state of mind.

To make use of this “power” and start creating your own joy, you have to control your thoughts, take charge, and start thinking positively. Block out all negativity, and do not let it wear you down when it enters your mind.

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Positive thinking makes you happier on the whole

Keeping your mind focused on the positive will keep you happier. When you train your brain to always look for the positive in every situation, you improve your mood and it becomes more stable. It becomes second nature for you to look for and recognize the positive.

The more you keep yourself focused on the positive, the better off you’ll be. Finding the positive in every situation is like finding happiness in every situation.

Positive thinking helps you to block out the negativity

When we struggle with things like overstress and depression, it becomes harder and harder to view the positive side of things. Practicing positive thinking in every situation can help you get better at blocking out the negativity surrounding you.

This will help you get better at challenging those negative thoughts of you being depressed, discouraged, or thinking you’re not enough. Positivity is the only way out. The more you work to improve your ability to think positively and maintain a positive mindset, the better you’ll become at blocking out all the negative influences.

Positive thinking can help you build up more confidence

The more you focus on positive thinking, the stronger your confidence can become. When you focus on the positive, your confidence can be built up step by step. Staying positive forces, you to challenge all the negative thoughts or inclinations, leaving only the positive confidence-boosting ones on your mind.

The more you work on your positive thinking skills, the stronger your confidence will become. Keeping a positive mindset is not only necessary for confidence, but it’s also conducive to building and nurturing confidence.

Positive thinking can help to weaken mental health issues

Positive thinking is powerful enough to overcome all sorts of illnesses, both mental and physical. Through the power of positive thinking, you can overcome your illnesses and issues. It’s important to note that it will take time; it won’t just happen overnight.

The regular practice of positive thinking can help to weaken mental and physical illness and strengthen you. The more you work to keep your positive mindset, the better you’ll become at challenging your mental health issues and fighting off your illnesses. The power lies in being focused on positive thoughts; it’s only waiting for you to seize it and exercise it.

The power of positive thinking is strong. It can help you overcome mental health issues, physical illnesses, social anxiety, and a wide variety of other ailments and issues. Positive thinking is the key to success, happiness, and health.

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How do you control your thoughts and improve your positive thinking?

First off, you have to know the difference between your dominant and non-dominant thoughts. The dominant thoughts are those that stick around and impact our daily lives. The non-dominant thoughts, on the other hand, are those minor and superficial thoughts that don’t have a large impact on our overall emotions and come and go easily.

Your goal in controlling your thoughts is to take over those dominant thoughts and manipulate them to stay positive. You, first, have to believe that controlling your thoughts will have an effect and direct impact on your reality and life. Believing is half the battle, after all.

Now you have to keep your thoughts positive. Identify your negative thoughts and what causes them to occur. Question your negativity. What started your negative thinking? What worsens it and what lightens it? Why is it here?

How to identify a negative self-talk:

  • Personalizing. Blaming yourself for instances usually out of your control.
  • But when you do mess up you try to redirect the blame on someone else.
  • When a minor problem occurs, you tend to make a big deal out of it.
  • When you see thing only bad or good, ignoring the possibility of a middle ground.
  • Even on a good day your thoughts keep going to irrelevant problems that should not bother you when you should enjoy.
  • Anticipating the worst outcomes from minor issues, like starting your day with a wrong coffee.
  • Try lowering your standards a little bit instead of setting yourself up for failure.

Lastly, you have to start changing the way you think. You have to start replacing the negativity with positivity. When you find a negative thought crop up, challenge it immediately with a positive solution or positive spin on the situation. Don’t let negativity take hold. The only way to challenge negativity is by overwhelming it with positivity.

If you want to work on improving your ability to think positively, we recommend constructing a daily routine of positive thinking practices that will help you harness this power and develop this skill.

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Some ways to make to change your behavior and construct a routine:

  • Check your thoughts. Sometimes during the day take a few minutes and evaluate your thoughts. Try to put yourself in a different perspective and look for better outcomes.
  • Seek better thoughts. Humor is the bread and butter of positivity, engage in it. Laugh at life when you can, it helps reduce stress.
  • Look for areas which you can change. Identify the things which make you think negative thoughts, your commute, relationships, and life changes… Start by focusing on one area and approach it in a more positive way.
  • Be aware of the people surrounding you. A person is a product of their environment. Look out for negative people because they will bring you down. It is likely that they will increase your stress levels and reduce your ability to manage stress. Look for positive and supportive people who can provide you with advice and feedback.
  • Positive self-talk. Practice makes perfect. Be encouraging and gentle with yourself. For starters stick to one rule: Say things to yourself that you would be comfortable saying to someone else.
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Enough sleep, and a well-balanced diet to fuel your body and mind combined with just a little daily exercise will work wonders in managing stress and regulating mood swings.
  • Do what you love. Take some time for yourself! Try new things, and learn about new techniques and ways to manage stress. 

Though this process can be time-consuming and challenging, it’s far more than worth it. It will help you create the life you want to live, bring true happiness into your life, and open up a whole world of possibilities.

Why should you work on positive thinking?

Positive thinking is everything; it can help you fight off disease, challenge mental health issues, and conquer the world. The more you work at being positive, the better off you’ll be. Positive thinking leads you to success. It can help you create the life you always wanted and bring true joy into your life.

Health benefits that could come with an optimistic way of life:

  • Being less depressed
  • Prolonged life span
  • Greater overall resistance to illness
  • Cardiovascular health and reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases or strokes
  • Reduced risk of death from cancer, infections, and respiratory conditions
  • Healthier and better-coping skills during times of intense stress

You’ll be amazed at how far harnessing this power can take you. Don’t let negativity creep its way in and maintain your positivity. This will help you take on whatever challenge comes your way.


This idea may sound a little bit silly but don’t let your negative thoughts overwhelm you. If you are in a bad place already a little positivity could be a good start to improving your quality of life.

Some people live with this optimistic style of life without even realizing it or being able to explain it; they are basically called optimists. Their view of life is that everywhere you look you can find beauty and happiness which is true if you really want to.

Wherever you look there is beauty, in creation (art, music, food, wildlife) and there is even beauty, as well as happiness, in destruction.

For instance, when you destroy something it can help you let some stress out Building a new house over the old one will provide you a better place to live, and demo day is usually touted as “fun”.  Lots of people like to build something just to tear it down later, we did it as children all the time and we enjoyed it, why not as adults?

Whatever is it we want to change or build we want to start it from good foundations, we need to let go of our negativity and strive to maintain a more positive attitude.  You can’t change the past but you can make decisions about who you want to become tomorrow BUT please try to keep those thoughts positive as much as you can. No judging!

The only constant in this world is that everything changes, life is short and we need to learn to adapt and accept change.

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