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Why Happy People Are Physically Healthier

Why Happy People Are Physically Healthier

Have you ever noticed that happy people seem to be physically healthier? What is it about happiness that translates into better physical health? In this article, we will take a look at the link between happiness and good health and the role that mental health plays.

Happy people are less stressed...

Stress is hard on your body; it can compromise your immune system and leave you feeling fatigued. Severe stress, especially over long periods, may even contribute to heart attack, stroke, chronic anxiety, migraines, aneurysms, and many other health concerns. A happier you will experience a lower level of stress.


Happiness is a powerful emotion that surges through you and affects so many different areas of your life. When you're happy, stress doesn't have as much of an impact on your mental health or your day-to-day life. Stress can't grow and take over your life if you're happy.

Generally, happiness in life means you experience less negativity and enjoy a more positive outlook. Whether we like to admit it or not, our outlook affects our health quite a bit. If you stay positive, you have a higher chance of overcoming whatever health problem you're battling than if you're negative about it.

Our minds are a powerful thing, and our mindsets can make or break us when it comes to battling health problems. Happiness promotes a more positive attitude, which will help to provide you with the strength and energy you need to keep fighting until you win.

 Those who are happier tend to eat healthier...

Studies have shown that those who are happier are 47% more likely to consume a healthy diet mixed with healthy fruits and vegetables than those who aren't. Consuming a healthy, well-rounded diet promotes a wide range of health benefits, as well as uplifting your mood. You'd be amazed at what a healthier diet can do for your mood and overall health.

Healthy behaviors create a positive cycle that maintains your physical and mental health. Those who are happier tend to make healthier food choices, which then uplifts their mood; this is a beneficial cycle that helps maintain a positive lifestyle while promoting optimal health.

Those who are happier tend to be more physically active...

Those who are happier tend to be more physically active.

The same study we mentioned in the last section also showed that those who are happier are 33% more likely to be physically active, another necessary component to complete personal health. When you're upset, depressed, or miserable in any way, it is much harder to be physically active, especially if you are feeling lethargic or experiencing anxiety.

Happy people exercise more, burn more calories and experience positive emotions.


Happy people exercise more, burn more calories and experience positive emotions...

Good news, the more physically active you are, the more energy you seem to have, making it easier it is to be physically active. Physical activity releases your body's feel-good chemicals and boosts your mood. It would help if you remembered that the mind and the body are one unit working together to improve your health.

On your path to creating a healthy lifestyle, your first focus should be on your mental health because stress can create severe physical health problems. Self-care, meditation and personal time can help ensure that you're happy and able to maintain that happiness. Never forget that your mental health and your physical health go hand-in-hand.


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