Acne & Pimples Solution (BM38)

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Clear Skin Support
A Natural Acne Treatment for Men, Women & Teens
Use for Pimples of the Face and Body
Helps Clear Cystic Acne
Prevents New Pimples & Reduces Acne Scarring


BEST ACNE SOLUTION to ease inflammation and clear skin uses plant & mineral power to nourish & heal

SAFE FOR EVERYONE! Treat hormonal, teen and adult acne too. 

REDUCES SCARRING an amazing blend of active ingredients from nature helps to heal pimples and scars

STOPS THE ITCH so you can let your acne heal without scratching and causing infections and scarring

NO SIDE EFFECTS NO INTERACTIONS heals without causing irritation, safe to use with other treatments.

DO YOU HAVE PAINFUL BREAKOUTS AND RAW SKIN?  Are you tired of dealing with the itchiness and pain caused by acne?  Sometimes it seems like it will never clear up and the side effects of various topical treatments and oral medications can cause more skin irritation and even bone or joint pain. There is a safe and gentle alternative for you to try Acne & Pimple Solution.

FIX YOUR SKIN!  That is the one and only thing that our acne and pimple formula does, and it does it without any negative side effects!  Whether your acne is caused by hormones, reactions to chemicals or you just happen to suffer from adolescent or adult acne this product may be the perfect solution to help you get clear skin.

HEALS FROM THE INSIDE OUT! Nourishing mineral extracts and active ingredients derived from plants help your body heal itself and also reduce the appearance of acne scars.  A powerful blend of minerals like Kali Brom, Kali Iodat, Graphites and Nat Phos provide nourishment to the cells of your body and this can lead to clearer skin.  Sulp Iodat will help with the terrible itch and is especially good for pimples or acne that has been already been treated with topical ointments. Add to this the power of plants; Berberis Aquifolium targets facial acne and Hydrocotyle is useful for inflammatory acne. Together these ingredients act on your body to clear your skin from inside out!

A SIMPLE SUPPLEMENT - There are no harsh chemicals or ingredients that will cause side effects so our product can safely be used by all ages.  It is so gentle it can even be used to treat infantile acne. These drops are easy to use, just place a few drops in water and sip. Please see the product insert or use your doctor’s advice to determine the proper dose.

CLEAR SKIN MAKES YOU LOOK GOOD AND FEEL GOOD TOO!  Don’t let pimples make you feel self-conscious.  If your current treatment isn’t working or the side effects are just too awful get ready to try something new.

Order Acne & Pimple solution today!

Berb, AquiD2, GraphitesD18, HydrocotyleD2, Kali BromD7, Kali IodatD7, Natrum PhosD12, Sulphur IodatD7


Take 10-15 drops 3-4 times a day in 8 oz of water. If you weigh less than 100lbs use half a dose or take as prescribed.

30mL approximately a 1 month supply when used as recommended


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Also, our BM combination formulas are prepared in Alcohol as a base. So, even if bacteria were present in one of the source materials, it couldn't survive in an alcohol solution. That's why Bestmade uses alcohol as a base in all of our products. To preserve the power of the original remedy, and to prevent bacteria, virus, or even mold growing in the mixture as it moves from warehouse to warehouse and temperature changes in shipping. Of course, this is the more expensive way of doing it, but it's the best way...